Introducing Raspberry Ketone Slender…The only superblend to harness the power of the 6 most effective weight loss ingredients! Total Satisfaction Guarantee – This Revolutionary Product Is Backed by the Aventa Labs 90 Day Money Back Total Satisfaction Guarantee. Raspberry Ketone FIRE (2 Bottles) – Professional Strength Raspberry Ketones Fat Burning Formula. According to the manufacturer’s website, Slimmm Fat Burner Max have been reformulated and improved. Slimmm Fat Burner Max is made by Biotech Pharmaceuticals, an Australian manufacturer which was set up in 1997 and produces a range of prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and complementary medicines. The normal starting place for ascertaining the ingredients in any product is the manufacturer’s own website. Slimmm Fat Burner Max is sold by a number of online retailers: none lists the product’s ingredients. Better known as Cayenne Pepper, has been demonstrated in recent scientific studies to be thermogenic – producing heat and increasing the metabolism – which is obviously helpful to dieters.
Otherwise known as Bitter Orange extract, is today regarded as a rather suspect ingredient since it may raise blood pressure and heart rate.
Is a shrub native to South America which is widely used as a hot drink, mixed with water, and known as Yerba mate.
Is an amino acid, and inclusion of this ingredient in Slimmm Fat Burner Max is presumably designed to increase levels of that amino acid. It is believed it helps the body to produce energy, which is probably why it is included in this diet pill, but it should be noted that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that this ingredient will aid weight loss. Research suggests that guarana may be useful to dieters because its use changes the body’s perception of ‘fullness’, hence users will eat less.
Clearly some of the ingredients in this product have been shown by scientists to have weight-loss properties. The manufacturer produces no evidence that the product has undergone scientific testing and no explanation of why each ingredient has been included. This product is loaded with stimulants, including the notorious Bitter Orange which, taken in conjunction with high levels of caffeine (also included in Slimmm Fat Burner Max), are likely to produce mind-altering effects in users.
Potential customers should seriously consider the possible side effects of a product which is likely to increase heart-rate and blood pressure, and may amplify the risk of heart attack and stroke.
Some customers talk about experiencing different levels of gastric discomfort, nausea and feelings of being “totally spaced out” whilst using this product.

We would never take any medication which had not been subjected to rigorous scientific testing. Slimmm Fat Burner Max contains a number of stimulants, and one ingredient – Bitter orange – which is widely regarded as dangerous. There are many alternatives available which have been scientifically tested and known to be safe. All of the reviews and guides featured here have been written by a team passionate about natural health supplements and the long-term benefits of maintaining a healthy weight.
We hope our in-depth research reflects this and our articles help you make a more informed decision when buying diet supplements online.
Diet pills that contains red-hot chilies peppers or capsicum extract are becoming more popular in the weight loss industry and grabbing massive media attention. Slim Kick is almost similar to Capsiplex, the red chili diet pill that was sold out within 3 days of launch in UK market. Slim kick contains red chili extract from hot peppers that increase your metabolism and burn more calories for effective weight loss. Over the past years, Different studies has shown that red hot peppers and very spicy foods can increase your metabolism levels by raising your body’s temperature. Slim Kick unique herbal combination of ingredients will help curb your appetite, boost your energy levels, raises your body’s natural metabolism and fat burning ability. But after I bought a car and began University, I started to put the weight on without even knowning it.
Oz, the medical community is raving about the power of Raspberry Ketones and their amazing fat burning properties. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Taking just one tablet a day for 20 days, it is claimed this dosage “can help increase your metabolic rate and your body’s ability to burn fat”.
Surprisingly, Slimmm’s website says nothing about any ingredient within this product, so the research took in the whole of the web. Refusing to be beaten on this, we turned to the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and, hey presto, eventually found a list of ingredients: thank goodness the authorities require diet pills to be registered and monitored, otherwise the composition of this product would have remained a total mystery! Research has shown that tea produces a number of health benefits: it acts as an antioxidant and reduces levels of cholesterol. Following bans on the stimulant ephedrine, manufacturers have begun using ephedrine-free Bitter Orange in their supplements, but it is feared these may cause similar side-effects to ephedrine.

It is thought that this ingredient suppresses the taste of sugar, perhaps by blocking sugar receptors on the tongue. Although clinical research on this ingredient is scarce, it is thought to possess antioxidant and nutritional properties, reduce the risk of diabetes, and burn more calories, so this may prove to be an effective weight-loss tool. This ingredient is legitimately used to treat patients with a deficiency of Levocarnitine tartrate, and can be useful for people with heart conditions and high cholesterol. It should never be taken by people with an under-active thyroid or who have a history of seizures.
It is a stimulant, which contains twice the levels of caffeine than are found in coffee beans.
High levels of caffeine can cause problems with insomnia, anxiety, headache and jittery feelings.
It does appear that the manufacturers have adopted something of a scattergun approach in producing this supplement: throw in a bit of everything and hopefully it will work.
Some users suggest that the product works and has helped them to lose weight; all reviewers seem to agree that the tablets are large and quite difficult to swallow.
Neither would we purchase from a manufacturer who failed to disclose the ingredients in a product.
Perhaps that is the reason why the manufacturer is so reticent about informing prospective customers about the formulation of this product? The high levels of iodine in this ingredient could cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to iodine. Further scientific testing is required, but this ingredient may eventually prove useful in treating diabetes.
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