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Related postsMy 21 Day Sugar Detox - Week #1So I’m officially one week in to the 21 day sugar detox.
With its emphasis on a simple, sensible approach to healthy eating, this is a perfect, time-tested choice for everyone who wants to take control of their diet and their health. I use the Biosignature Modulation as my body fat test and had a fellow practitioner test me.

Eating a piece of fish with some veggies at lunch can be a great choice - but then you eat pasta for dinner with a cocktail before, wine during and dessert after. Join our 193,000+ other members - browse for a recipe, submit your own, add a review, or upload a recipe photo.
This newly revised edition takes account of the latest ideas and knowledge about sugar, salt, fat, food labeling, trans-fats, and availability of healthy products. If you do that a couple times a week and pair it with getting inadequate sleep - which most people fall into that category - how are you expecting to create a serious change in your life?

The great thing about the weight was that I was eating more on the 21 day detox and not even trying to lose weight!
It takes a concentrated effort for a short period of time to see the long-term benefits and to get the results you need.

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