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It's this convenience that's also turning us into the most obnoxious and entitled group of coffee drinkers around -- well caffeinated for sure, but downright bratty. This is insane, people -- and it makes us sound like the most demanding jerks when we order our drinks. Knowing that we are all guilty of using this lingo for our personalized coffee experience, we asked our readers what their longest, most annoying Starbucks orders were and they did not disappoint.

In Italian, ristretto translates to "short," or somewhat "restrained." This is the furthest thing from "restrained" that we can think of. Whether you love this coffee chain or happen to think they make the worst drip coffee imaginable, one thing's for sure: you can always find a Starbucks when you need a jolt of caffeine.
Not only can you have your cup of coffee with any kind of milk or cream or whipped air you could dream up, but Starbucks even lets you control the exact temperature of your coffee drink. Because the worst part of this whole scenario is the way that Starbucks makes us order our drinks.

Being the creatures of habit that we are, we appreciate the fact that Starbucks will deliver us the same drink, every time, anywhere -- just the way we want it.

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