Because most still wishes that there’s that one ‘magic pill’ who will magically tighten, toned and make your arms, your tummy and your legs, smaller.
Sorry to burst your hopeful bubbles, there is no shortcuts, no magic pills, no secret formula.
Sadly, I did fell for those sweet tempting ads promising this pills or that pills could shrink your tummy, will make the numbers on my scale get smaller.
Yeah, sometimes you’ll lose weight fast taking one of those stuff but did you know those are water weight?
Sometimes last year, I fell ‘victim’ and tried one of those ‘magic’ shakes guaranteed to make you lose weights, I’ve heard even some celebrities here are using them. All of these times I thought you’d have to starve yourself, you have to ‘suffer’ to lose those weights.
Turned out by starving myself, besides the obvious of being hungry all the time, my metabolism got screwed up.
All of us know how important exercise is by now so let’s skip the talk about working out and focus on the fuel aka the food first. I’ve been working out seriously since April 2012, almost a year but it wasn’t until sometime in July 2012 that I started eating healthy. Greek Yogurt (or other Low Fat Yogurt just pay attention to the sugar content) or fresh cut up mixed fruits with hot sauce. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future blog posts deliver straight to your inbox. For almost 10 months I had been trying to loose baby weight by limiting the amount of food I eat, even to a very unhealthy amounts. In order to be fit and skinny, you have to take care yourself through healthy diet and lifestyle.
Can't you clearly see how It's a waste of time to exercise if you're going to eat back every calorie you burn? Adrian Bryantwhy would your body use muscle mass for energy if you don't exercise WHEN there is plenty of fat (backup energy) available? Muscle growth is ALL ABOUT enough protein (not calories), rest and getting stronger from workout to workout. Do you realize that if you are 20 pounds overweigh that you have over 1 month of eneryg you can live off of due to 3500 calories of eneryg stored in each pound of fat you have? Lastly, if what you state is true (which it is clearly not) then what is the point of exercising for weight loss? Name*Ok but if I want to eat breakfast but to intervals in the morning when I wake up when do I eat breakfast? Just one question, can I have good results if I can't aford to go to the gym and without protein suplements? Adrian Bryantif you are just starting then definitely spread it out but if doing back-to-back you may want to do differnet workouts. Over the past 2 years I’ve found it quite difficult to strike the balance between eating and weight loss. When I first started out, I had the tendency to think that I could eat what I wanted and still lose weight easily. In 2013, I dropped from 213lbs to 201lbs by using the MyFitnessPal food tracker website to keep my eating under control. To find a sustainable diet and exercise regime for yourself, you have to experiment and see what works for you.
I spent my entire teenage years miserable as I thought the only way to lose weight and keep it off was to adopt a strict diet of salad and water. The greatest danger is that your weight loss will not only come to a halt but will reverse leaving you extremely demoralised.

I’ve found that when my morale drops then my eating slips too and fall into another vicious cycle of weight gain.
So before you tuck into a large Supersized meal think about the effort it will take to burn those calories in the first place. Ultimately you will have to experiment with running to see just how much junk food you can eat whilst maintaining your weight.
Maybe you’ll be one of those fortunate souls who can eat nothing but junk food and never gain an ounce of weight. I Missed Out On My Weight Loss Target For January But I Am Slowly Getting Better With Dieting And Running! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.
Do you want to be addicted to something that may cause your liver any damage in let’s says 5 to 10 years down the road? Actually, a lot of my friends at work got shocked to see how much food I haul to work daily. I’m addicted to trying them out or trying to make a healthier version of the Indonesian food. She said she had stopped eating rice and sugar which is great but she confessed she loves her noodles and meatballs too much. Noodles are simple carbs, so if we eat them we would feel full so fast but we’ll get hungry again so fast.
We’ve known it all before that it takes a lot of self discipline and hard works but I guess we all wants to quick fix. I’ve been going on and off with the eating habits, but seeing your ig posts and blogs kept me motivated to stay on track. I'm a woman who desires to? ?reach her full potential?, to live with an abundance of joy, I am passionate about inspiring others and sharing the journey with those I love. If you just set a calorie deficit without exercising you will lose an even amount of muscle, water weight, and fat. Thanks so much for helping us all:) I'm trying to take in as much as I can here and I just had a couple of questions for you. I have wondered about this topic for sooo long and was always a firm believer of eating my exercise cals back. I just read this and let me tell you I had my doubts about the starvation mode, I knew that couldn't be right. Instead of setting myself a low calorific target such as 2,000 calories a day, I aimed for 3,000 and focused on running more to burn off the excess calories. I tend to get mocked quite a lot for having such an unhealthy diet, yet the pounds came off originally and have stayed off. You can enjoy the foods you’ve always loved and keep in shape by adopting an exercise regime and a calorie controlled diet.
Do you really want to have to for a few hours just to torch a meal that you ate in half an hour? Because when you starved yourself, your brain will think the body is in danger, it will then hold on to that fat we want to get rid off.
They didn’t believe it at first that healthy food can taste good without being loaded with MSG or salts. I barely cook with salt these days, even if I do it’ll be using sea salt and no sugar or MSG (yes people still use these stuff here). So often, when people want to lose weight, they aim for and look for the easiest way to meet their goals.
I applaud you for making these changes in your life, and modeling good eating habits for your son.

It sure ain’t easy to change the lifestyle and maintain that habit but seeing how much you progress always makes me feel that somehow I can change to be fit as well.
There is so much bullshit in the weight loss , fitness industry, hmmm, I wonder why, could it be it is worth 100s of billions of dollars per year.
The Idea of eating back your calories burned after exercise (especially weightlifting), is that your daily calorie intake is already in a deficit, so burning an extra 500 calories a day through cardio or strength training will actually cause your body to go into a catabolic state and breakdown more muscle than fat.
I have been battling with weight loss all this year & I believe this is definitely going to give me a boost! I've been trying to lose the weight I have left, the sub-cutaneous fat, I didn't know what I was doing wrong! What I would have is my protein shake mixed with all kinds of adds on such as banana, peanut butter, etc right after my workout then I’d be too tired and just went to bed. Most of them still think that healthy food is bland, no taste like the kind of food you will get at the hospital.
It took me years to realize there are NO shortcut, no magic pill…only dedication, hard work and most importantly self-discipline.
For example if a man eats 2,000 calories a day for weight loss and also burns an extra 500 calories a day by weight training, then he would actually end up loosing more muscle than fat as he isn't giving his body enough calories to sustain muscle growth.
If you eat, your body is putting it's resources to digesting food instead of building up a sexy new you. Let’s not even go to the instant noodles, for we have plenty of them here that sadly it has become part of the culture to eat instant noodles.
Losing weight takes a commitment to changing your lifestyle, changing what you eat, changing how you move your body. This business of eating back calories is of course crap, but the so called professionals keep telling us otherwise. The body breaks down muscle for energy before it breaks down fat, this is why measuring your fat percentage as apposed to measuring your weight as a total is so important.
So my question is this, I like to do a cardio workout of say 60 minutes and then head over and play pickleball or tennis.
Unfortunately, here for imported items, a lot of the ingredients labels are being covered by local stickers that had nothing to do with the ingredients.
It's common sense, the body was built to put on excess fat for the lean times, using muscle first for energy is just stupid, at 5% body fat yes.
When I don't have any fuel in me, my blood sugar tends to crash, do you have any advice or tips for how to fuel for a sustained workout? This article states that by not eating back those calories you will lose weight faster and yes that is true, however you will be loosing more muscle mass than fat and that is not a healthy or efficient way to loose "weight". I might go beast mode and want to do elliptical for 60 minutes and then pickleball and tennis for an 1-3 hours. I hate sit-ups and crunches, plus with my herniated discs I really am not allowed to do those. This type of dieting will cause you to become skinny fat, which means that you may have lost 20kg, but your fat percentage remains unchanged.
I know the difference between when I am tired and have to stop too, so it's not a matter of pushing myself. Click Here to lose weight (burn fat) and build muscle at the same time but… Start here If you're extremely overweight.

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