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If you love watermelon, and want to try a refreshing blend, then why not try the watermelon smoothie.
A combination of other high water and nutrients fruits, the watermelon smoothie recipe is the perfect hydrating refreshing smoothie. Watermelons are not only tasty and refreshing, it’s packed with nutrients and minerals, containing Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Potassium, making it great for your daily fruit intake. The Watermelon Smoothie is also perfect for a hot summer day, because watermelons have a high percentage of water, roughly over 80% of watermelons is water, and therefore the Watermelon Smoothie will keep you hydrated on a hot summer day, and give you a boost of your daily vitamins and nutrients.
By adding more fruits to your blend, you are not only changing the taste but also increasing the nutrients and vitamins in your blend.
If you are a fan of honeydrew then add it your blend, honeydrew is packed with nutrients, but honeydrews have a strong taste, and may overtake the watermelon taste.

If you’re not a fan of honeydrew then add more pineapples, pineapples are also packed with nutrients and contains bromelain, which helps to improve your digestive system.
If you want a refreshing blend, then try the watermelon smoothie and get hydrated this summer.

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