PCIa€™s North Kansas City campus is located in the historic TWA building near KCI on Ambassador Drive.
The campus student break room has a refrigerator, snack machines, popular magazines, and daily newspapers to enjoy. By clicking the "Request Info Now" button I provide my express written consent to receive calls or text messages from PCI at the number(s) I provided, regarding furthering my education. December 10, 2013 by Nicole 133 Comments I typically try to keep my posts here short ‘n sweet, but I wanted to cover all the details of my experience with the NASM CPT program.
In deciding which personal training certification to get, it seemed there were three options: ACE, NASM and ACSM.
There are five different packages you can chose from when signing up for the CPT cert through NASM. NASM lays down an excellent foundation of knowledge and will prepare you to train the majority of clients you’d encounter. While it is sad that our country is so afflicted by obesity and other chronic diseases, I’m really happy I have the knowledge base to work with and help this majority population.
While it gave me a great foundation of knowledge and I feel confident I could create a training program for the majority of people out there (elite athletes excluded), I was left feeling like That’s it? The bottom line is that now that I have this awesome foundation of information (because NASM really does do an excellent job of teaching you the basics), it’s time to get the necessary certs and training experience in the specific areas I love: kettlebell training, Lagree method Pilates, spinning, etc. This is so informative–I wish I’d talked to you during my decision-making process! Specific certifications run the gamut (most are less expensive than NASM, but some are much more). Nicole I have had my CPT with NASM since 2005 and I have to say the LIVE workshop was where I had access to new exercises and implementing the programs. The impression I was under, was that ACSM focused a lot more on scientific calculations like metabolism and what not, stuff that a lot of people said they never used in their jobs, and that NASM focused more on muscle mechanics and joint angles and whatnot. The half circle drive, front walk and entry are previews to grandeur of the buildinga€™s enclosed courtyard. The Learning Resource Center offers computers, and books so you can stay up-to-date and study in a peaceful place. This is a long post, but hopefully all you interested in getting your PT cert will gain some useful insight from it. I quickly ruled out ACE because I read a ton of dissatisfied reviews from people saying the gym they wanted to work at wouldn’t accept the ACE certification.
Honestly, had I spent a little more time talking to trainers I know instead of solely relying on online research, I would have gone with ACSM.
In most of the reviews I read, people agreed that any gym would be happy to hire a personal trainer with either a NASM or ACSM certification—it didn’t matter.
They range in price from $699 for the most basic self-study package, to $1,999 for the most inclusive package that comes with job guarantee, free re-test and an associate personal trainer experience. Makes me angry every time I think about it, but sadly, that’s just life when it comes to pretty much any sort of degree or certification. I guess what was kinda sad for me during studying was the realization that the majority of clients you’d encounter (aka the majority of Americans) are sedentary, completely deconditioned, and afflicted by one or more chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiorespiratory diseases or hypertension. I found it so interesting to learn about today’s common postural imbalances (hunched shoulders from sitting at a desk, for example) and how to improve them by strengthening certain muscles and stretching others. This NASM cert will 100% prepare someone for getting a personal trainer position at a gym; but since that’s not really my goal, I was a little disappointed. But I would say definitely know your vocab, and also be familiar with muscle locations and functions so that you have an understanding of which would be affected during different exercises or postural imbalances. I went through the same thing you did last year figuring out which organization to get certified through.

I’m actually about to start training to teach Pilates on the Megaformer machines (so excited!), but I think the process is a little different. I was wondering if you hold any other certifications (spin, Pilates, etc) and if so how that certification process compares (cost and studying) to the NASM? I’m not certified in spin, but that certification is roughly $300 (less than half that of NASM). For now though, I really just wanted that base of knowledge to make the content I blog about that much more informed. I received materials from ISSA on April 23, 2014, but after reading through the various articles on-line, and for sure this post – I have decided to go with a NCCA accredited program, which is NASM.
I haven’t signed up yet, but after spending lots of research time and reading your post and others, I am convinced NASM is the one too. I am a huge fan of stuff like you mentioned with your pronating while running, how you are able to correct that through strengthening! I’m finding out that personal input from people who have gone through this is turning out to be my most valuable resource in making my decision! It would set a good foundation for working in a gym with your average client working an office job and looking to lose a few pounds or get into better general shape, but doesn’t go into sport specialties. My question to you is from your experience, do you feel that getting your NASM was necessary to making yourself stand out or have a foundation even though you’re wanting to specialize in other things? Uber die Zulassung von Bewerber(Innen) aus anderen Berufszweigen oder auslandischer Qualifikationen entscheidet die Ausbildungsleitung im Einzelfall.
Wie grenzt sich diese Dienstleistung zu bekannten Angeboten in der Fitness- und Gesundheitsbranche ab?
Wir empfehlen Ihnen, sich im Anschluss an die PT-Ausbildung gezielt auf bestimmten Fachgebiete spezialisieren, die Ihr Konzept unterstutzen. Because the ACE exam has the highest pass rate, the assumption is that it’s the easiest of the three certifications to get, and therefore not as highly regarded as the other two. NASM even cites ACSM research in their textbook, so I think at the end of the day, you’re getting a lot of the same information from either program. The program focuses a lot on dealing with these issues and either training around them or how to improve them.
While NASM doesn’t introduce you to any creative exercises or workout routines, it definitely will help you create more informed and effectively targeted workouts.
Whereas before I thought of it simply as a permanent trait of mine, now I’m conscious of trying to strengthen certain muscles and improve the flexibility of others in order to improve this pronated posture. I’m considering getting certified in SOMETHING fitness-focused; but want to pursue the one with the best return on investment! And I’m actually about to start training to teach Pilates Plus (so excited!) and that certification is $250. And I definitely plan to teach group fitness classes at a few studios in Boston (pilates and spinning).
You still submit CEUs every 2 years but you pay one flat price for the recert fee and never pay it again!! I trained in gyms before (got certified thru the gym and it has lapsed) But I hated it, all they cared about were sales!
I am ready to register for the PT program through ISSA, but wanted to make sure I was making the right decision.
I will be returning my ISSA materials next week; however, there is a $95 non-refundable fee, but that is okay. The reason I ask is I want to certify in specific things I enjoy (like you), but worry about clients not taking me seriously or wanting to do business with me when I don’t have a Personal Training certificate, just certificates in something else. But that’s also because people are coming there for one specific type of workout and then leaving.

Was ist das Geheimnis erfolgreicher Personal Trainer?Welche personlichen Voraussetzungen muss ich fur diesen Beruf mitbringen? Ende der 90er Jahre wagte der ehemalige Leistungssportler als einer der ersten Personal Trainer Deutschlands den Sprung in eine damals noch vollkommen unbekannte Dienstleistung und trainierte parallel ein Profi-Team in der Deutschen Eishockey League. ACSM has the lowest pass rate (=hardest test) and is the only program to require candidates have a college degree. Thanks to NASM, I am definitely better able to create workouts that address specific issues or goals, which is awesome. I decided on my CPT through NSCA because like ACSM it requires a college degree to actually pass the test. I just took an Exercise Science course last quarter where I learned about the difference between ACE, NASM, ACSM, NSCA etc. I could see teaching specialized classes at a gym with lots of different gymgoers and having the CPT cert come in handy (both in the eyes of your employer and for the general knowledge base).
2000 grundete er die Deutsche Trainer Akademie und fuhrte das Unternehmen zu einem bundesweiten Bekanntheitsgrad. A couple trainers I spoke with after already signing up for NASM were adamant that ACSM was the way to go, but that ship had sailed.
I’m a huge nerd—I love studying, I’ve always been “good at school,” and I was confident I could teach myself the material and pass the exam without the added access to online classes, live workshops, etc. ACSM focuses a great deal of their efforts on scientific R&D as opposed to the others that seem to focus strictly on certs and CEUs. I’ve looked into kettlebell certifications and some are upwards of $1,500–yikes! I did this after I completed my PES with NASM and it was a game changer for my life and fitness career. I made that mistake when I entered a doctoral program that was not Georgia accredited for my teaching career. Welche wirtschaftlichen und steuerlichen Themen muss ich berucksichtigen, um langfristig erfolgreich zu bleiben? The people you meet and get access to and the variety of training over one weekend is unreal and able to be applied immediately. Although, ISSA is accepted in most gyms, it is best to just call the gym that you are interested in pursuing for employment to see what credentials they require. I also spoke with a personal trainer that I had for 2 years; he highly supports NASM, so I am going for NASM.
Mit welchen Marketingstrategien kann ich ohne gro?ere Investitionen einen zahlungskraftigen Kundenstamm aufbauen?
Daruber hinaus coacht der Sportwissenschaftler und Psychoneuroimmunologe Privatkunden mit komplexen Lifestyle-Erkrankungen in seinem neu gegrundeten Beratungsinstitut.
One final piece of advice—try not to look like a total disaster when you go in for the test; they take your picture.
I just joined their organization as a student because they are based out of CO Springs, CO-thought I could hit up some of their conferences in CO while we live here.
Mit welchen einfachen praktischen Trainingsgeraten- und methoden kann ich Klienten effektiv und motivorientiert zu ihren individuellen Ziele fuhren? Welche Marktpositionierung bringt mein Konzept voran? Unzahligen positive Beispiele erfolgreicher Personal Trainer aus den vergangenen 10 Jahren unterstreichen unserer einzigartige Ausbildungsstrategie.

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