When I introduced the Game Changer in bootcamp this session I was really worried that it would overwhelm my campers. Hi, I’m Michael Duivis and I have been a Certified Personal Trainer in Brea for over 5 years. Me being a Certified Personal Trainer in Brea, I apply exercise programs that will permanently lead you to live a healthier life. From the day I was born to my early twenties I carried around a big soft gut that I just never thought I’d get rid of.
This all changed when I made the decision to do whatever it would take to lose all my excess fat and really get the body that I had always dreamed of. Soon enough others around me starting asking me for help on this subject, like I was some sort of expert (like the Personal Trainers in La Habra).
Upon starting Straight-Up Fitness, all my Brea Personal Training clients had been seeing such rapid results that the demand for my services got a little too big.
The way my Personal Trainers in Fullerton and Brea do things with Straight-Up Fitness is to give you mind-blowing Personal Training sessions that will have you workout in the most effective way possible.
I always want to deliver the best possible results for my clients, whether through my Anaheim Personal Fitness Training or in Brea…and I love giving the most detailed workouts that are specifically tailored to the client. Brea was first visited by Gaspar Portola in the 1700’s and that event is marked in Brea Canyon which is situated in the Northern part of Brea.
1.The majority of trainers are not well versed in training clients from varied backgrounds with unique capabilities and limitations. I have always looked like I was in good shape, But as the years caught up with me and my middle started to expand I thought that I should get a trainer and start working on my eating habits. I've been saving this til it was 100% ready.I have a secret project I did notwant to tell you know about until itwas 100% complete. All of our lives Casey and I have been athletes, participating in high school and college athletics. Casey has lost over 43 pounds, going from 182 to 138, she has lost 13% body fat going from 29% to 16%. Lets face it, if you're reading this testimonial you have most likely found your way to Jason's website because you are not currently happy with the way you look and feel physically. Singup As the age of 47 approached I found myself in the midst of a mid-life crisis with an excess of 10 pounds on my small frame.
I have had a secret for a while now.I have a secret project I did notwant to let you know about until itwas absolutely perfect.
While my system is designed for visible results first, the program also rapidly improves your energy, mood, fitness and general health level. 1: The majority of trainers are not well versed in training clients from varied backgrounds with unique capabilities and limitations.
In order to sculpt your muscles (you can't shape your fat), you must be able to target and work the intended muscle groups and areas.
2: Many other personal trainers have their clients doing ineffective training routines that simply do not work regardless of how hard or often the client trains.
High Performance Personal Training™Personal training in Santa Monica for Weight Loss and Fitness with Mr. Enter your email to find out more information on virtual coaching or the upcoming launch of my online courses helping you get your back, knee, and ankle better. If one part of the kinetic chain is not functioning properly dysfunction occurs throughout the body. There are many health benefits to regular exercise and physical activity in our society today. The largest myth in the fitness world is that sit-ups are the best exercise to strengthen your core.
Currently, there are many professional athletes who are suffering from hamstring and groin strains.
The knees’ moving inward is a prevalent movement compensation that consistently arises in most of my overhead squat assessments. Many elder individuals over the age of 50 are getting total knee replacements due to osteoarthritis. Ryan specializes in helping chronic pain sufferers address and eliminate recurring body aches through expert-designed flexibility, posture and strength training.
Before beginning any exercise program, every individual should be assessed properly and thoroughly. Allowing yourself more sweets and fries than you normally would because you are just so hungry from your ass-kicking. If you want to fight fat, lose weight AND most importantly, keep it off, start by making these small, but powerful changes. One of the things I like about training here is that my Brea Personal Training clients always have a healthy attitude towards weight loss. My specialty is weight loss, and that’s not because I went to school for it, I actually used to be chubby myself.
I would often just imagine myself walking on the beach with a full-blown six-pack and defined arms, yet I would never act upon it. I studied for months on how to do it, and once I finally achieved my desired results…my whole life changed. I went along with their requests and to my very own surprise these people saw some major results. You can save yourself the trips to the gym as I (or my other Brea Personal trainers) will come to you on location and train you wherever you desire. As a whole, my Brea Personal Training packages will have you burn the maximum amount of calories day-in day-out while I teach you step-by-step on how to opt for a healthier lifestyle and serve as role model for your loved ones for years to come. The funny thing about this guy is that he thought the local Brea residents, which were Native Americans, were dirty because they had oil over their face. Many other trainers have their clients doing ineffective training routines that simply do not work regardless of how hard or often the client trains. America Jason Kozma sign-up I had been training on my own for over three years before signing up with Jason. She has thrown away almost 99% of the clothes in her closet and has had to go shopping for new sexy and trendy clothes (skinny jeans, tight dresses and shorts etc). At the very most basic level we all want to look and feel good not just for ourselves, but also for our loved ones.
Most fitness programs emphasize improvement in general fitness and "functional" strength, assuming this will create the client's desired body shape.
We have personal trainers in studios and gyms in Pacific Palisades, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Pasadena, Marina del Rey, Venice, West Los Angeles, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach and others.  In home or on location training is available in most Los Angeles areas. Although parts of the kinetic chain may seem separate each system and its various components must collaborate and work together (Clark and Lucett, 2011).
Physically fit individuals experience fewer symptoms of depression, anger, and stress than those exercising infrequently or not at all (Stroth, Hille, Spitzer, & Reinhardt, 2009).
Many individuals believe that sit-ups are an affective exercise because they isolate the rectus abdominus or six-pack muscles.

Many of these athletes are exhibiting compensations in the LPHC due to an underactive gluteus maximus.
Knee valgus during the overhead squat assessment is influenced by decreased hip abductor and hip external rotation strength, increased hip adductor activity, and limited ankle dorsiflexion (Clark and Lucett, 2011). Many people that go to the gym are either doing exercises improperly or not performing the right exercises for their goals. You see, pronation is when your feet naturally fall inward, toward your body's midline. I mean, how else would you know how to go about the program without completely knowing yourself and your proper needs? When you think about it, we've all been that person at one time or another in our lives. It might be hard at first, but once you see the results you want, your whole lifestyle will shift, and it will be easy breezy from there. Shortly after, I became a Personal Trainer certified through the NASM CPT, NASM CES, and AAAI. Think of it as having the gym come to you, and realize the comfort and convenience as a result.
Little did this Brea voyager know that the original Brea citizens used crude oil from the Brea Canyons as medicine.
I had made some pretty good progress and I thought I knew a thing or two, but I had just stagnated for the last year without any real gains. Through the rehab and the years since her accident, she noticed her body changing in a way that didn't make her happy. But best of all, her back is no longer weak and doesn't plague her; she now carries her head high both in confidence and pride.
When he started his training with Jason and Mike, he wanted to lean down, loose his muffin top and get his abs back. By teaming up with Jason and making the commitment to trust him, you make the first step to realizing a new you, both physically and emotionally. Most of the time it does not: The client's body does not change or you end up with an oddly developed physique and an unhappy client - or worse: A client who does not believe that their body can improve!
The results of my approach include rapid weight loss, strength enhancement, and improved body and self-image.
Exercise all also boosts blood flow to the brain and helps it receive nutrients and oxygen. For individuals with insufficient core strength a sit-up would not be a desirable exercise because of all the movement at the spine.
When an athlete exhibits increased hip or spinal flexion it can lead to excessive stress being placed on the low back resulting in pain. As individuals consistently squat with poor technique length tension relationships, force couple relationships, and neuromuscular efficiency are all negatively affected thus placing added stress on the entire kinetic chain. Total knee replacement is a common surgical procedure used for the management of knee osteoarthritis. To start, you and your trainer must be familiar with your requirements; otherwise, the program will not benefit you in ways you quite expect.
For those who neglect to center and quiet their brains, they chose anywhere between 15-25 hours of yoga over the 6-week boot camp session.
Follow these 3 healthy tips to lose your extra unwanted fat featured in New Beauty Magazine. Most trainers are not good teachers and do not know how to teach a sedentary or inexperience exerciser how to train the target muscles correctly. Fearing that this was just my body's limit I started training with Jason four times a week.
She was in many cases unable to perform various exercises as she used to and when she was able to workout, it was at a level that didn't produce results. She has completed a course that not many have the internal fortitude to even start, let alone finish. Most trainers are not good teachers and do not know how to teach a sedentary or inexperienced exerciser how to train the target muscles correctly.
10 out of 10 new clients notice changes in their appearance within the first 14 days of using our system. As this individual attempts to perform a functional activity, such as an overhead squat their dysfunctions will have a direct impact on the knees, LPHC, and low back.
The better physical condition an individual is in, the faster one’s brain waves fire to think and react quickly.
These people need to begin with core stabilization to strengthen the transverse abdominus, obliques, lumbar multifidus, pelvic floor muscles, diaphragm, and transversospinalis (Clark and Lucett, 2008).
Additionally, it can also increase stress on the hamstrings and adductor magnus, which maybe compensating for an underactive gluteus maximus and erector spinae to provide stability to the LPHC, which results in a large amount of hamstrings and groin strains (Clark and Lucett, 2011). As a result of this significant movement compensation, individuals are susceptible to various injuries including: patellar tendinopathy, patellofemoral syndrome, ACL injury, and IT band tendinitis (Clark and Lucett, 2011). The primary objective of getting a total knee replacement is to relieve pain for individuals who have severe osteoarthritis and to improve their quality of life.
Without a thorough assessment, the client is left with only half of what they need and deserve.
You may just end up spending big money on a bunch of stuff and never find the right thing…And all this might be so overwhelming…that you just may not want to bother! It has 16 brandnew articles, hundreds of recipes,workout video clips and tons more every month! In that journey, she has realized that it was not a course or a diet or a routine that helped her accomplish her goals, but in fact, it was the decision to make a life change. As this individual repeatedly performs their overhead squat with poor technique they are susceptible to various injuries that include: plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathy, medial tibial stress syndrome, ankle sprains, and patellar tendinopathy (Clark and Lucett, 2011). Additionally, increased physical activity is associated with lower risks of blood pressure (Burns, Hnin, & Thuy, 2012). When people have weak stabilizing muscles it increases the forces throughout the lumbo-pelvic hip complex that can potentially lead to low back pain and injuries.
Since we already know what regular pronation means, overpronation is when your feet fall too much inward, more than it should.
A part of Brea was once sold in the late 1800’s to an Oiling company after which the most popular ride in Brea was that of wooden carts driving to oil-drilling towers. Almost everything I thought I knew was wrong and Jason is still helping me re-train, but the gains have been nothing short of amazing. Thanks to Jason and Mike she now has the tools to look great and be healthy for the rest of her life. Therefore, to avoid these adverse health issues regular exercise is essential to keep the body and mind healthy.
Therefore, to reduce the amount of injuries associated with performing sit-ups individuals need to start their core training with core stabilization exercises to provide adequate stability throughout the lumbo-pelvic hip complex.A weak core can cause multiple problems throughout the entire kinetic chain. You are in your workout, feeling strong, feeling accomplished but at one point or another your mindset starts to change.

To house the oil workers and their families, the village of Randolph was founded Black gold, in most of the world, refers to crude oil or petroleum. I began to eat a ton of fast food due to its convenience, and as a result, I noticed that my physique had changed drastically. To reduce the likelihood of this individual experiencing any pain or moving improperly one will need to be on a structured corrective exercise program to optimize performance and decrease the risk of injuries. Sprinters who participate in track and field events have reported that hamstring injuries account for 26% of all the injuries sustained while competing (Opar, Williams, & Shield, 2012).
First, these individuals need to inhibit and lengthen their adductors, short head of the bicep femoris, TFL, lateral gastrocnemius, and vastus lateralis to decrease the overactivity in these neuromyofascial tissues.
After successful total knee replacements many individuals have improved range of motion around the knee.
You see, most trainers tend to train on what they already know from their own training or personal experiences.
The two are absolutely inseparable (as I found out) and Jason doesn't just suggest a diet plan, it's a constant part of the training as he makes adjustments every week to find out what works best for your unique body and training goals. I had back fat and a pot belly and was starting to look like all of those other 30 something men I see everywhere, with their bellies hanging over their belts. A strong core is essential for maintaining optimal muscle balance throughout the entire kinetic chain.
Sprinters are susceptible to hamstring and groin strains due the overactivity in their hamstring complex. Individuals who get a total knee replacement need to be on aggressive rehabilitation programs to improve the strength, range of motion, and neuromuscular control in the lower extremities.
In fact, for starters, it can cause inflammation in your feet, which is extremely uncomfortable. You go to bootcamp, and forget that you have three other days in the week where you could be sabotaging how hard you workout. Once the 57 Freeway opened along with the Brea Mall, the city of Brea saw a great rise in population.
Thanks to Jason I'm not worried about hitting my body's limits any time soon and my workouts are no longer a chore. This was unacceptable for us both; we decided to seek help, which is what led us to Jason Kozma.
The core musculature is divided into two separate categories: the stabilization and movement systems.
To prevent these injuries athletes need to be on a structured flexibility training program to increase the range of motion and extensibility of these neuromyofascial tissues.
These individuals will conclude with integration exercises that include lateral tube walking to retrain the collective synergistic function of all muscles through functionally progressive movements (Clark and Lucett, 2011). Jason sat down with us, went through our daily routines and meals and taught us about the nutrition mistakes that we were making, which ultimately was keeping us from our goals.
People in this age range are typically in high stress jobs and need an outlet to eliminate their stress. The stabilization system is responsible for stability of the lumbo-pelvic hip complex and the movement system is responsible for movement of the core (Clark and Lucett, 2008).
Additionally, improved hamstring flexibility may reduce the risk of hamstring injuries due to a great ability of the passive components of the muscle-tendon unit to absorb energy as a result of improved compliance (Opar et al., 2012). By following the four phases of the Corrective Exercise Continuum individuals will prevent their knees from moving inward when performing an overhead squat.
You would think that discomfort alone is more than enough, but unfortunately, it can actually go farther than that. Through working with a caring and attentive trainer, the clients are safe with a program custom-designed to their goals and what is drawn from the assessment. Evidence suggests that aerobic training does reduce cardiovascular reactivity to psychological stress (Spalding, Lyon, Steel, & Hatfield, 2004). Both systems work together as an integrated functional unit and when one system is not functioning properly the kinetic chain is altered creating various dysfunctions throughout the upper and lower body. The initial reduction in knee extension strength is caused by the quadriceps being inhibited due to knee swelling, pain, and inflammation (Holm, Husted, Kehlet and Bandholm, 2012). Mike was extremely knowledgeable about muscle building as well as helping Casey with her injury rehab.
As a result of their cardio training, these individuals would have lowered stress levels enabling to be more productive at work. Additionally, when people train the movement system before the stabilization system individuals would be susceptible movement compensations, synergistic dominance, and inefficient movements creating dysfunctions throughout the entire kinetic chain. To offset this reduction in knee extension strength individuals need to be on thorough training programs to improve their strength and neuromuscular control in their lower extremities. Therefore, individuals need to strengthen their core properly by beginning with core stabilization to avoid dysfunctions throughout the upper and lower body. If a movement compensation such as the knees moving inward is found in the overhead squat assessment health and fitness professionals need to create thorough training programs to eliminate this compensation.
And with a trainer who is attentive and responsible, each program is custom to each client according in their needs. By performing cardiovascular training regularly these individuals will have optimal heart health and reduced stress. By following the steps of the Corrective Exercise Continuum these individuals will move more optimally and ultimately reduce their chances of experiencing an injury. By educating their patients and clients on the importance of keeping their bodies strong and healthy they will help them reduce their chances of experiencing this painful injury. Resistance training has been found to increase muscle strength and endurance in elders (Fahlman, McNevin, Boardley, Morgan, & Topp, 2011). Many of these individuals have frail bones and being on a structured resistance training program will prevent them from future problems such as osteoporosis.
Research has shown that older adults can increase their strength and functional abilities through progressive resistance training (Cyarto, Brown, Marshall, & Trost, 2008). Additionally, resistance training is vital for the elder population to prevent falls and accidents. Reduced muscle strength and deficits in static and dynamic posture are significant risk factors for falls in old age (Granacher, Zahner, & Gollhofer, 2008). Thus to reduce the risk of falling, elderly individuals need to be participate in some form of resistance training to prevent accidents and to keep their bones strong.
With the assortment of exercise choices available today there are many options for people to choose their preferred exercise type. Elders receive numerous benefits from resistance training, which will prevent them from harmful accidents and or injuries.

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