Where can you buy acai berry juice in Brooklyn and will it help you lose weight because youre overweight and you cant take acai pills So what left to do?
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Since acai fruit juice is absorbed into your body much more quickly and effectively that other acai supplements, capsules or pill products, the acai juice products will likely… have a more noticeable and immediate effect. My name is Betty Wright, I am a 39 year old mother of 2 kids living in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. I had horrible side effects using Synedrex pills, (and apparently many others have too as you will soon see in their reviews below). If you are unhappy for any reason, we will gladly take back any item and refund you the product purchase price including sales tax. So with all due respect, apart from the honest outlook and guarantee, the same cannot be said about the main product in question. It’s only because the ingredients have been SEPARATELY tested and mildly proven to give some benefits in SPECIFIC cases… pills such as these are born by dumping all such ingredients together!
So stuffing this in the Synedrex pills doesn’t do much, other than help make a claim. But the dangerous thing about the caffeine in Synedrex is you are stuffing over 350 milligrams in one pill! I have browsed a lot of health forums and I could see almost 8 out of 10 people have reported symptoms such as palpitations, being jittery, dryness in the throat due to the overload of caffeine. The reason they have added this to the capsule is to “keep you energized all day” without eating much! This was all the rage (still is I think) back in 2011-2012 when you were hit by at least 10 infomercials selling green tea extract. But when it comes down to losing fat, you could benefit more if you simply control your food habits, and or workout on a regular basis.
People went crazy over it, companies made millions, trillions (and still are) as a result of that one Doctor Oz video!
Has been marketed for a long time as a muscle building supplements and it was believed to play a role in fat reduction.
Yohimbine is known to cause severe side effects such as palpitation, drastic increase in blood pressure. Other ingredients in Synedrex pills are L-tyrosine, L-carnitine, HPMC, cocoa extract, 5-HTP, and jojoba bean.
Whereas about the cocoa extraxt and jojoba beans, it’s simply not proven nor discarded by the scientific community yet. It’s a big hodgepodge of ingredients, of which, only green tea has been proven to be beneficial in the long term. You really think stuffing down a soup of extracts and amino acids is going to “re-program” it the way YOU want!? A great start would be to read my own case study – how I succeeded in my battle against obesity… naturally and without dangerous pills. On paper, and maybe in a machine world, it might work great, but it DOES NOT and cannot work in the human world. I suffered a lot while using these pills, and the worst part was that the side effects didn’t leave me for days! It’s very odd because Caffeine overdose usually wears off in 2-3 days at most, maybe my body experienced an extreme reaction to the whole blend.
Gastrointestinal problems: Again, reported by many users, but maybe I just have a strong digestive system.
If these effects weren’t enough, Synedrex may also cause havoc with your menstrual cycle due to the amount of caffeine.
Many of its ingredients (Sibutramine for one) are proven in clinical trials with causing cerebral strokes or heart attacks.

I think if you are reading this Synedrex review so far, you already know what I am going to say. Ingredients such as Sibutramine have already been proven and banned in many countries due to its extreme and potentially lethal side effects. I usually do not recommend isolated solutions such as diet pills, not that I am against using them, they do have their place. All I have as proof is emails of people that have mailed me with their responses to this Synedrex review of mine. I am so pissed off at this company, the only reason I visited your page is to see if its just me or are there others who’ve suffered like me! I didn’t have most of what side effects you said on your review page, but Synedrex wrecked havoc with my menstrual cycle!
That was the only person with the menstrual cycle side effect, and for her privacy I won’t name her.
Don’t know the name of the above guy, but it was posted by him a on a very popular forum. Apart from the above longish Synedrex reviews, I get at least 2-3 emails every day of people agreeing with me, who have had some effects and many who ask me what I do or did with my obesity problem. After my horrible experience with Synedrex, I built up this animosity against all diet pill, shake companies out there! In a way it helped because I started doing what I had stopped after my pregnancies… reading! I started following on Twitter and started reading books by experts such as Joy Bauer, Michael Pollan, Lori Shemek and others.
There is only ONE single way to lose weight for the long term – correcting what you eat.
I took a survey of over 12500 Synedrex buyers to see how they reacted to it and what were their results.
If you have more questions about Synedrex or anything else, you can mail me (contact page) or add a comment below. Is there anything in the world that guarantees weight loss without changing diet and exercise?
Yeah this is my first morning on it and I don’t know if I can event workout because I’m feeling so weird! Synedrex helped me lose some weight but with constant headaches and heartburn, have stopped using now, looking for alternatives.
Thanks for an “honest” review, this is the style the manufacturers should also write in!
Just be vigilant of what you are consuming, eat right, exercise regularly and live an overall healthy lifestyle!
I wanna lose some weight and i have buy syndrex and didn’t use it until i check on it , i dont have problems with caffeine and those stuff but would i get fat after i take those pills ?
Hello, I read your review on synedrex and was wondering if you also exercised regularly and kept a proper diet while using it. I’ve been taking Synedrex, eating healthy, working out, and it really has helped me lose about 20 lbs. The company claims to be around for more than 2 decades, and based on what I hear in popular forums, it’s surely not a scam company like many of those MLM pyramid schemes. However, clinical trials point to no evidence of it working and in fact, point out that it can be actually dangerous. I felt like my face was on fire…then that sensation spread to my arms then my stomach.
Synedrex falls under that definition, but yes it makes you feel like shit and meth is probably a safer option. It sounds as if I might be the only one, or one of very few, who actually has had positive results with this product.
I eat right, exercise, and the only reason I tried this product, was not to lose weight, but rather keep my energy level up for the long hours I put in at work Mon-Fir.

My appetite is the same, I haven’t had any of the side effects listed in any of these reviews and have no trouble sleeping at all. There are many things on the market sold over the counter, that when abused, are you shouldn’t be taking in the first place due to pre-existing health conditions, and or lifestyle, can cause very harmful side effects as everyone knows! I lost weight not only by taking synedrex, because we all know you can’t do one right thing and expect to lose weight, I also went on a diet and exercises 3 days weekly. I do agree with you on some of the side effects of synedrex but no matter what you take or do to lose weight there will always be some form of a side effect to it. I started on a Monday and I was doing fine then on Friday I started feeling very faint, dizzy, sweaty, nauseous, all of the symptoms that EVEN the label on the bottle tell you can happen.
A friend gave me 2 of them and said she is going to order what she can because GNC is taking them off the shelf.
Yet yesterday, before even beginning my workout routine, my heart rate spiked from a resting rate of 60bpm to 205bpm in about 30 seconds.
It may also clear your system out as does, cranberry jui…ce, blueberries and red wine.
As the producer statements of getting the component of the drug nothing related Over the counter Phentermine 37.5 mg without prescription! Your body is more than capable of creating these amino acids from simple foods such as dairy, eggs, meats, nuts, etc. I continued with Synedrex for over 4 months (no periods for 3 of them!) and even thought I was knocked up, but we tested negative. Like you the only good coming from me wasting $35 is the new resolution of not popping pills in the search for an energy buzz and appetite suppressant.
When I looked in the mirror after I felt my lips tingling I seen I started breaking out in hives. I’m still jittery and on top of that, the red dye is leaving my body from my arm pits. I have been using it for about 5 weeks now and have notice great changes in my weight and energy levels but I also take it with a multivitamin,and fish oil In the morning.
Acai berries are a big business and are used in many scams to fool people into thinking it will make them slim. I have had a dull headache ,i feel off balance,i dont feel like my mind is clear, its crazy.
I’m not sure what the next little while will bring as I get off caffeine but I know it will be worth it and my adrenal glands will thank me.
I also keep a strict routine of working out 3 days a week and doing a 4 mile run every other day. As soon as you feel any symptom you’re supposed to stop right away and contact a health specialist.
I still had tingling sensation in face all day but hives went away until later on that night. Next day, my cheeks were still puffy but that will be the first and LAST time I take this pill. I noticed you never mentioned that you did any kind of exercise while taking it so there may be your problem . Yes there are things that you can take to lose weight, and synedrex is one of them (probably not the healthiest or safest option). There will never be a magic pill or shake that will make you lose weight sitting on your butt even with supplements or even steroids you have to work out and keep a good eating habbit. I still did 2 hrs out of my days to get a proper work out and it’s not always in the gym you can work out from home ppl just stop being lazy and making excuses and get up and do something about it. One last thing supplements will help you in your journey to being fit and I would recommend synedrex to any one out there healthy enough to work out.

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