Start-up cost: For Super Sport gyms (Van Ness and Montgomery clubs), you'll pay anywhere between $0 and $150. Classes: Push your limit with a variety of classes like cardio, dance, cycling, conditioning, strength, barre, martial arts, athletic training, yoga, Pilates and stretching. What you get: A gym that's open 24 hours with a solid list of classes, enough equipment in a wide variety to ensure you won't have to wait for a machine and a free health-and-fitness consultation to help get you started. Locations: Depending on the level of gym you want, you can choose from locations in the Castro, Potrero Hill, North Point, and on Van Ness and Montgomery.
Best for: Those who like to work out at odd times (3am sweat sesh, anyone?) and want all the basics at a convenient location. Start-up cost: The Bay Club asks for a whopping 500 bucks as initiation, but this month you'll encounter lower fees. Classes: You'll see all the usual suspects, like cardio blast, Bodypump, spin, yoga, Bosu bootcamp, Zumba and more. What you get: The Bay Club is more than a gym—it's a lifestyle club with social events and cutting-edge fitness. Locations: Bay Clubs are located in the Financial District, North Beach, the Embarcadero, and SoMa. Classes: Crunch has an unbelievably thorough array of classes, like TRX, yoga bootcamp, Pilates, dance cardio, barre and ballet workouts, various spin workouts, boxing and more. What you get: More classes than you could ever get through, personal and small group training, and efficient equipment in an understated space.
Locations: There are gyms on Union Street, Chestnut Street, Embarcadero, New Montgomery, Polk Street and Yerba Buena. Monthly fee: Monthly dues are $190 at the Market Street location and $180 at Union and Pine Street spots. Classes: Choose from over 120 classes per week, including athletic training, barre, conditioning, cycling, dance, martial arts, Pilates, regeneration, running and yoga. What you get: These state-of-the-art facilities are luxurious and thorough, fully equipped with weights, cardio equipment and yoga studios. Locations: The larger-scale Equinox Sports Club is located at Market and Third Streets, while regular Equinox gyms can be found in the Marina and the Financial District.
Best for: Luxe gym-goers who like to be pampered while indulging in high-class amenities and partaking in an array of boredom-busting classes.

Start-up cost: You can pay a $0 initiation fee and a higher monthly fee, or various upfront payments for lower monthly rates. Classes: Each gym offers a thorough schedule of classes (all day long) including everything from spinning to yoga, Zumba to Bodypump.
What you get: At all locations, you'll get the basics like cardio and weight equipment, complimentary towel service and group fitness classes.
Locations: In the city, you'll find Fitness SF conveniently located in the Castro, Fillmore, Mid Market, and SoMa. Start-up cost: Sign up before January 31st and the $200 registration fee will only cost you $5. Classes: Choose from over 200 drop-in classes per week in five dedicated studios, including cycling, mind-body classes, strength and tone, and dance and cardio.
What you get: Access to the 45,000-square-foot Koret Center for Health, Fitness, and Sport, including fitness classes, personal training, free towel service, a basketball court, a 25-yard lap pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room and full-service spa. Classes: Prices do not include group-training classes, which can be added for $59 to $139 per month, depending on how many times a week you attend. What you get: Clean facilities, no wait times for equipment, wellness services, yoga classes and optional group training. Best for: Those looking for chiropractic adjustments or deep tissue massages on top of their usual gym routines.
Start-up cost: Right now, membership fees are waived, so you'll only pay the first month's fee.
High cheekbones refers to the zygomatic bones in the face of primates, which in certain individuals may be more pronounced than others, causing the upper part of the cheeks to jut out and form a line cut into the sides of the face. Cheek and zygomatic or malar bones are the most prominent of the bone structure of facial features with malar bones contributing to the prominence of the cheeks. The presence of high cheekbones as a beauty trait is evident in many sculptures and art from the ancient world. Knowledgeable trainers make this an ideal gym for beginners who need a little help getting started. Plus enjoy specialty training (at added costs) like squash programs, aquatic programs, personal-fitness training and various weight-loss and get-fit challenges.
At the various locations, you'll find state-of-the-art workout equipment, yoga and Pilates, squash, tennis, and basketball courts, heated pools, saunas and steam rooms, plus a world-class spa.

You can get a city Crunch membership for $78.38 and take your pick of gyms on a day-to-day basis.
That fee will be completely refunded after you have completed 12 workouts within the month. You may also purchase a three-month membership for $219, a six-month membership for $379, a one-year prepaid membership for $699 (for a $100 savings), or a two-year membership for $1,299 that grants you access to all six locations. Couples in the same household can get a joint membership for $225 a month, while families pay $232 a month (kids must be under 20). Fitness members enjoy discounts on JCCSF programs and events, as well as local discounts in the community.
Aside from fitness, you'll gain access to an array of activities and community events perfect for the whole family. These group classes include a maximum of eight people for individualized attention at a fraction of the cost of personal training. Or you can opt for a $10 a month membership with a 12-month commitment and a $10 start-up fee. In the posterior part of the zygomatic bone the support is provided by the zygomatic arch, which acts as buttress support to the cheek bones and is a part a "backward process of cheekbone and forward projection of the temporal bone." There is no flesh beneath this, and the hollowness extends up to the sides of the head in front of the ears. With the never-ending options San Francisco has to offer, it may seem overwhelming to select one.
At the Market Street location, you'll find an impressive boxing studio, full-sized indoor basketball court and a junior Olympic sized saline pool. A fitness trainer coaches groups on rowers, bikes, TRX suspension system, cable system, dumbbells, functional training, core and more. By placing a finger on the zygomatic arch and alternately opening and closing the mouth, one can discern the presence of the temporal fossa (with its large temporal muscle and its fibres passing below the Zygomatic arches). Have no fear as we're here to help—with this handy-dandy roundup of the city's top gym chains. Whether you're a cardio fanatic or weight-lifting devotee, we'll help you find the right workout spot in the right price range.

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