Planet Fitness is discontinuing personal training at its clubs, according to CEO Mike Grondahl.
As a fitness professional and personal trainer for over 15 years, Pam is dedicated to working with you to achieve your fitness goals. Lauren is a certified personal trainer that has years of experience training a wide variety of clientele. Fana Fuqua is a Bay area native who has an extensive background in age group, high school, collegiate, masters and international athletics as an athlete and coach. Kendra has been teaching group fitness classes since 2009 and is passionate about living healthy in the mind and body.
I work with all levels of fitness students and whatever your need might be I will tailor a program to your request or if you just need a push to start I will lead you in the right direction to reach your goal. An energetic and enthusiastic personal trainer, Lee employs a holistic approach in a fun but challenging environment to bring out the best in you! Lee has a passion for rock climbing, powerlifting, strength training, yoga, cycling, running and nutrition. Thanks to a Michigan-based lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocacy group, you can send a personal thank you to Planet Fitness after the fitness chain canceled the membership of a woman who "inappropriately" responded to the presence of a transgender woman in the locker room.
On its official website, Equality Michigan offers visitors a chance to give Planet Fitness "a pat on the back" in appreciation for "doing the right thing and standing by" its patrons. Too often, gender variant and transgender people are mistreated based on their gender identity, and it is too rare that we get to thank a business for being a positive leader for change. Laws are meant to protect those in need, and there is no doubt that transgender people in Michigan need legal protections from the disproportionate harassment and discrimination they face in this state.

After reportedly seeing a transgender woman in the woman's locker room at a Planet Fitness outlet in Midland, Michigan, member Yvette Cormier complained to a front desk employee, according to ABC News.
The gym promptly revoked her membership because of the "inappropriate" way in which she went about dealing with the situation, according to CNN. In a letter written to Planet Fitness owners, Grondahl says the Newington, NH-based company’s corporate-owned clubs will end all personal training sessions by Dec.
Grondahl adds in the letter that personal training did not fit Planet Fitness’ “judgment-free zone” and that the company plans to use its no personal training model as a marketing tool. She encourages people to improve their health by really challenging themselves in their workouts. She is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health Fitness Specialist and Health Fitness Director.
I believe in taking care of your heart thru cardio, yoga for the flexibility and lengthening of the body and mind and strength training to help prevent injury to support our bodies for all the activities that you love in life. It is great to start with a fitness professional to get the corrective form and balance to help prevent injury. No one should have to repress their authentic gender identity simply to try to make others comfortable. Now is the time for nondiscrimination policies which protect LGBTQ people, and not policies which further empower those with privilege. If you enjoy training in a fun, supportive environment, than Pam would be a great trainer for your needs. She also holds certifications as a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist and TRX Suspension Training.

Franchisees will have until the first quarter of 2011 to end their personal training sessions. Her classes will incorporate a wide variety of exercises focusing on balance, strength, power, and agility. She seeks efficiency and perfect form so you’re working hard but remaining injury free. Some of her group fitness classes include indoor cycling, core work, adult swim fitness, outdoor cycling sessions, Mom's and Kids boot camp as well as sports conditioning for adults. As an avid biker, climber, downhill and backcountry skier, golfer, kayaker, tennis player and yoga practitioner, she is able to deliver results for desired activities. For personal clients she takes the variety of her group trainings and caters it to the clients needs. Take her classes and you’ll get a very fun, energetic atmosphere that will push you to be your best!
When not with clients, you can find her in a pool coaching or playing water polo, cycling through the hills of Silicon Valley, rock climbing or planning her next trip to with the REI Outdoor School or Adventures.

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