TweetIf you know anything about bodybuilding or fitness, you know that someone looking to gain muscle has to eat a lot of protein. Top level bodybuilders consume upwards of 300-400 grams a day, to try and meet this criteria. I was convinced that sugar and grains were the causes of acne, and while that may be true, large amounts of meat are probably worse. If huge quantities of protein are ingested, the body’s digestive system, from the liver to the kidneys and into the intestines and colon, will become extremely burdened trying to break down these proteins into usable material. If you’re into bodybuilding and fitness and you think that your high protein diet may be causing acne, then you’re juts going to have to cut back on protein.
Cod liver oil is by far my favorite, and most effective supplement for acne and all around health. Because muscles are composed in large part of amino acids, and protein contains amino acids, protein is the macro nutrient of choice. Average people like myself try similar diets as well, but for me it didn’t work out so well.

I consumed about a pound and a half of animal meat per day, along with eggs and protein powder. This extreme stress on valuable cleansing organs will create adverse reactions within other parts of the body. Sure, cavemen probably chowed down on some prehistoric beasts, but they weren’t eating it every day.
Whenever an organ or system within the body is burdened or stressed, the body will naturally respond through elimination of toxins through the skin. You do want to make sure that the foods that you add are not going to be detrimental to your skin. While my diet was not as clean as it was before, my skin started to clear up significantly. As this is the largest organ, it will become a necessary avenue of toxic elimination as the liver and colon can recover and restore balance internally. This means instead of trans fats or sugar (which you know better than to eat anyway!), eat healthy whole foods like rice and coconut oil.

All you have to do is simply drastically decrease carb consumption while drastically increasing protein consumption. The good ones also promote portion control and total daily caloric intake based upon total daily caloric burn.One of the most disgusting side effects of a high-protein diet is that it causes bad breath. I’m talking about REALLY, REALLY BAD BREATH!Ketosis is what occurs when the amount of carbohydrates consumed drops below a critical level. The drop forces the body to turn to protein first and then to fat reserves to do the work that carbohydrates normally do.
No matter how famous or how beautiful (or handsome) a celebrity might be, his or her body works exactly like yours works.

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