We’ve gotten smarter about soda since the days when it was considered an acceptable wash-down after an economical meal at McDonalds, or a sensible diet lunch (supplemented with a smoke). Drinking soda is an easy habit to fall back into — it’s everywhere, and it’s easy to consider diet versions to be a relatively harmless vice. And while you’re trying to turn the tide on your soda consumption, rely on these protein shakes to see you through; rich, creamy and packed with filling protein, they’ll satisfy your sweet tooth in place of those beloved carbonated cans. Cutting the calories from sugar-spiked soda is a no-brainer: At 150 calories a can, those can add up to serious poundage.
The acidity in soda is bad news for your digestive system, eroding tooth enamel and worsening acid reflux. The caramel color in soda contains an artificially created phosphorus that can be bad for long-term bone health, says Smith. Now that you've learned the facts behind soda, reverse these harmful eating habits and start making smarter diet choices.
When researchers at University of California San Francisco tracked the drinking habits of more than 5,000 healthy adults, they found that the more soda people drank, the shorter their telomeres. Researchers linked drinking 20 ounces of soda per day (the amount in standard plastic soda bottles) with an additional 4.6 years of aging!
The study did not find the same connection with diet sodas, although other studies have linked diet soda consumption with increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and weight gain – so diet cola may not be a much better choice, after all. Even if you already knew that soda isn’t a healthy beverage choice, this new piece of information may give you the motivation you need to kick the can for good.
About Latest Posts follow Rachel Meltzer Warren, MS, RDNRachel Meltzer Warren is a NYC-area based nutrition writer, educator and counselor, and the author of The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian. While tonic and diet tonic water may seem like a healthier alternative (because of some of the benefits of quinine), tonic water has as much sugar as a typical non-diet soda.

Why not live a healthier and better life by kicking the habit if regular and diet soft drinks. But diet sodas are especially treacherous for your gut—and the far-reaching bodily systems it affects.
Phosphorous is a natural chemical found in foods like beans and grains, but the mutant variety found in dark soda is like a dinner guest who refuses to leave. Telomeres (or units of DNA at the ends of cell chromosomes) are used to predict human lifespan. Well, the short answer is: water, which is calorie-free and important for hydration (which, if we’re talking anti-aging, does impact your skin). I like the seltzers by LaCroix, and was also happy to find recently that my local Target stocks their own brand of flavored ones like blueberry. From black teas to green tea to herbal teas like peppermint and chamomile (and blends like Celestial Seasoning’s Cranberry Apple Zinger), there’s a wide variety available to keep things interesting. If you need a little sweetness, pour a shot glass-sized glug of juice like orange or cranberry into a glass of seltzer. These real-fruit stand-ins are made from crystallized juice, fruit oil and a touch of sugar.
And most diet tonic waters contain the same artificial sweeteners that have been linked with negative health effects.
Try reducing your soda intake slowly over time instead of quitting cold turkey, so you can adjust easier. As Crystal Light packets contain about 5 calories per 8-ounce glass, adding Crystal Light to water can be a better alternative to drinking sodas or other sugary, high-calorie drinks. So we had two diet experts tell us what happens to your body once you finally give up the colorful carbonated menace for good.

The researchers say this means that regular soda consumption, in addition to impacting metabolism, playing a role in the development of obesity and diabetes, may also speed up cellular aging. I drink ice cold water in a water bottle or iced tea in a water bottle, made with Lipton cold brew tea bags, sweet and low or trivia and some Lemon juice. You should be excited you’re taking steps like drinking healthier that will help give you a happier and healthier life down the road. So when looking for alternatives specific to tonic water, maybe consider a flavored club soda or get creative with some of the alternatives mentioned in the post. At the same time, try to make a habit of drinking healthier seltzers, flavored waters and teas instead of soda.
However, artificial sweeteners like Crystal Light often contain aspartame, which has been argued to be an unhealthy sugar alternative. It causes a couple things to happen: The muscles in your stomach relax so you can take in food, and hormones are released. It was hard at first, but I’ve gotten to love ice cold water and I always love my iced tea!!
I feel proud of myself and this accomishment, I’ve also been on a low carb eating change for two months already and going strong!!!

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