VLCD Weight Loss Plans (very low calorie diets) have become extremely popular and allow dieters to move away from conventional meals to focus on weight loss.
Each day select 4 KeeDiet® VLCD MRP products, enjoy one for breakfast, lunch, evening meal and also one as a healthy snack. You have the option to exchange one KeeDiet VLCD MRP product for one of our High Protein products each day. It is suggested that men, taller ladies, those with labour intense jobs or those with a weight above 17 stone or BMI 40+ may require a 5th daily product to provide extra protein, nutrition and energy.
Fancy a delicious dessert to complete your day, how about our High Protein Apricot Mousse Dessert or Italian inspired Straccaitella Dessert.

Need a hug in a mug, then our savoury and satisfying High Protein Creamy Leek Soup will give you an extra boost. You may sip extra water to the required 2.25 liters through your day and suggest to drink when thirsty.
You may follow this plan with your Doctors agreement and support for a maximum of 12 weeks in accordance with the NICE Guidance 2009 document or until you have reached your optimum weight or a BMI 25 as a minimum. We recommend this plan is followed for a minimum period of 4 weeks, this allows for the Ketogenic effect to stabilise, create better eating habits and a significant weight loss. It is suggested for those with a BMI 40+ or above 17 Stone our 1000 calorie New You Plan may be an easier and more successful weight loss option to follow as their initial plan.

We advise that you should visit your Doctor every four weeks to request a blood pressure and health check. 4 VLCD Mealpacks include 100% RI, this is a minimum requirement and a little extra is considered prudent whilst slimming. If choosing to make this exchange, simply ensure you include a daily vitamin supplement to cover the shortfall of RI vitamins & minerals.

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