Girls around the world that want to know more details about Thinspiration can share their questions and learn new tips daily. Pro Ana Tips are often used by girls that want to lose weight fast and don’t think about the long term effects. Most of the Pro Ana Tips that you will find online are taken to extreme and can harm any girl that tries to use them.
First of all you are the only one responible for your health condition, if you think that losing weight should be done extremely without thinking about the¬†consequences, then this is not the place for you. Pro Ana Tips are mostly made by girls trying to promote their own blogs or tumblr pages, so they don’t think twice before posting the harmful tips.
It’s always important to ask questions about any concern you might have in relation to Pro Ana because you can get sick really fast.
If you want to get motivated about Thinspiration and see how the results are the same, visit our Thinspo Gallery.

If you want to lose weight fast, take a larger meal in the morning and a smaller one for lunch.
Pro Ana girls are most likely to apply those tips because thinspo girls add more value to their health so you should think twice what path you want to follow.
Although not all of the tips are bad, you should consider few things before starting your pro ana journey. Here we encourage thinspiration girls to adopt healthy diets, do workouts and apply our thinspiration tips. You should know that fasting or vomiting can damage your body and even if you get skinny fast, you will not have time to enjoy your thin moments. So take your time before doing anything and think about the benefits of losing weight with Pro Ana. This may seem difficult in the first few days, but it’s going to get much easier over time.

If you eat salty food, you can retain as much as two liters of water from one day to another. You can click here to join our community and see how most of them lose weight in a healthy way and look even better than pro ana girls. You should already know by reading this blog how healthy thinspiration is and how it brings the same results. Drink one or two cups of dandelion tea daily to get rid of this problem.  This tea is also used for thinspiration, many girls reported that instead of drinking water they changed it with the tea and had more healthy benefits! Pro Ana Girls have some cool quotes about late night eating.Are you eating these 15 foods "touted" as healthy that are making you gain weight?

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