My journey before I began eating the way I do now was one where FOOD was the primary player in my life and I arranged my life around it.
I lost a lot of weight (over 70 pounds) in my teens and then spiraled into anorexia and lost even more weight. I could only handle that for so long before I became a binge eater (because I was starving!). Food made me happy - food made me sad - food caused me to isolate - food became my enemy - and food took over my life.
I did a lot of soul searching and researching and experimenting because I wanted food to be in its proper place.
I found my healing from binge eating and overweight through a eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

I eat lots of other foods too but fruits and vegetables are the foundation of my diet along with whole grains, nuts and seeds.
I studied a LOT about whole natural foods and learned that I could eat all that I want of  very delicious food and lose weight!
There is a life beyond cravings, emotional eating, binge trigger foods, and waking up feeling bad from eating too much the night before. There is a life where you are in control of what you eat and where you feel great about yourself and your body.
I SO WANT you to experience how good it feels to be a healthy weight and to have food be in its proper place in your life. I love to slip easily into my favorite clothes and have them fit comfortably and look beautiful on my body.

I so want you to experience the freedom of living life without being chained to food issues.  It is possible! These tips have helped me make permanent healthy changes so the weight stays off and I continue to feel wonderful! In the first couple of months she tried restricting her calories to 1200 Kcals (a big no no of the Banana Girl Diet) and ended up binging, consequently gaining 10-15lbs pounds which she had worked hard to lose.

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