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The move follows tests that found 2% of horse DNA in a chilli con carne dish which is sold by Birds Eye in Belgium. Latest PostStrawberry and Banana Yogurt LoafMay 14, 2016 · No Comments    As soon as the first English strawberries can be found in the shops I know that summer has arrived! If you need to talk to our Customer Services team, please call 0800 652 6512 and we'll be happy to help. This website uses cookies to ensure that it works properly and to collect statistics about users in order to improve the website. The problem with such food products is the variety of foodstuffs contained within a single package.

Nevertheless, modified atmosphere packaging experts can devise the best way of preserving such multi-component foods. Mothering Sunday should give most mothers the chance to put their feet up but it would appear it’s not only on this special day of the year. For example reduced oxygen level coupled with higher carbon dioxide and nitrogen can add five or six days to the shelf life of many types of sandwich. Instead a new survey reports that only one in six mothers cook from scratch on a daily basis. The shelf life of these ready meals can be significantly prolonged by modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), but there are major challenges in developing the best packaging materials and gas mixtures. Instead children are being fed a diet of chicken nuggets, pizza and sausages as parents say they are quick to put on the table…and they know their children will eat them.

The survey, commissioned by the UK Department of Health’s Change4Life Be Food Smart Campaign, found only 16% cooked a meal from scratch every day.
The system becomes even more complicated for exotic tray-packed ready meals or elaborate sandwiches with a variety of fillings.
We know that our consumers rely on us to be certain that they are eating only what is labelled on the packaging and that they can always rely on us to act responsibly.
In accordance with our high standards, we are immediately withdrawing this product from sale.

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