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Dean has been Cookery Editer of Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Magazine for 14 years. Dean has been cooking since the age of 10 he has worked with many television companies, developing and creating what we see on TV today. Having many health issues as a child his interest in healthy eating started at a very young age.

His interest in ORGANIC FOOD and food free from additives and flavourings has been the main influence in his cooking. Follow Dean as he teaches you how to cook the low-fat way and choose from 100's of live recipe videos. A lovely low fat recipe for the Mexican favourite chicken fajitas but at a fraction of the fat and calories. By his teens he was buying and cooking his own food, luckily he grew up on a farm having fresh produce although during the 70s and 80s pestercides and fertillizers were used in large quantities.

His style of food has been described as Spanish, Italian, Swiss and French - not bad for a lad from the FENS. Adding the veg bulks out the rice and reduces the calories without adding any additional fat.

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