Our advanced thermogenic is specifically designed to help aid weight loss by promoting a decrease in body fat.
Amber gives her tips on what to do when you find yourself being forced into more rest days than usual!
Filled with many of my favorite things: friends, cocktail attire, champagne, dancing, fireworks and that midnight kiss.
A modified and healthier version of the classic sandwich, these pancakes have the same great taste without the added calories.
This workout combines compound exercises and isolation lifts for building the perfect V-tapper. January is a prime time for joining a gym, trying out a fitness class and taking advantage of health and wellness offers from personal trainers and nutritionists.
Often times this type of cardio is combined with HIIT cardio throughout a weekly training split to mix things up.

To get rid of junk, baggage, negative energy and start a new beginning knowing that everything is in order, organized and fresh. Then I take a moment to reflect on the year and write out my goals and resolutions for the upcoming year.
It’s a night to remember our triumphs and mistakes of the year and discover ways to improve in the next year. It gives me a chance to think through things, plan my day, clear my head or just get lost in thought. Tip: When zesting lemons, use unwaxed, organic lemons or give them a vigorous scrub drown before using. So, if you see me at the gym doing cardio with my eyes closed I’m not asleep – just in the zone! Top with chopped pecans, additional peaches, sugar free syrup and whipped cream if desired.

Spread mixture over crust, sprinkle with lemon zest topping and return to oven for about 15-20 minutes. Or ten (10) personal training sessions at the half price rate of $200 if purchased before Jan.
Most experts say building a lean and healthy physique is about 70 percent diet and 30 percent physical activity. Eating clean is a lifestyle change that takes time, energy and preparation, but the results are life changing.

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