They are trendy, really sexy, face framing and most importantly very easy to maintain, short hair cuts for women are what I am talking about here. The gorgeous solange Knowles is well known for her incredible styles with her natural hair, I have always considered natural hair effortless.
If you have not yet tried out the pixie short hair cut then I guess now is the perfect time to give it a shot because they are extremely trendy. Because curly hair never disappoints, there is no doubt you will rock with your curly short hair cut. To make your short hair cut stand out more, you can choose to add some color to it however you need to be more careful with the color that you decide to add to your hair otherwise it may turn into a complete mess. It is just so amazing how the bob hair cuts have managed to remain trendy since many years back.
If you are looking for a flattering and sexy way to rock then you should no further than the side swept short hair cut. There is nothing as interesting as pulling off a really cool hairstyle without having to go through too fuss and this is exactly what you will achieve from this short shaggy bob.
If you still have doubt about rocking with a bob hair style well she I guess in the picture above she has put an end to all those doubts with the flipped bob hair cut. And who says ladies cannot pull off men’s cuts, juts take a look at her in the image above and you will surely realize that there is no better way to leave that pretty face standing out than some of these male cuts like the spiky short hair cut.
It takes a woman with great confidence and self esteem about her looks to pull off this regular hair cut.
You will not find a better way to create volume to a style than creating layers even when you have thin hair, adding some layers to it will definitely create volume to your style.
This is what we call effortlessly looking good, comb coils are that kind of hairstyle that you will do and won’t have to touch your hair again for the next three to four days. The short shag bob is no different from all the other shaggy hair cuts you have seen before when it comes to the layers, the edgy kind of look on the ends or some people call it spiky.
Sometimes simply rocking a classic bob may not grab the attention you need much as it brings that elegant and edgy look that many women look up to. Sometimes you just need to bring out that wild side of you and this is why a funky hair cut will be the best way to demonstrate it. It does not look like she actually did a lot to come out this gorgeous on the hair style but that does not hide the fact that she looks really sexy with her punk hair style. Afro textured hair is probably the most difficult hair to deal with because it is thick, curled and strong which means that each time you try to comb your hair you will go through a lot of pain. The amazing Rihanna is known for her fearlessness when it comes to changing hairstyles, she is never afraid to try out anything and this time round she comes up with page boy hair cut and still looks completely fabulous with it. Sometimes you just need to get creative to come up with something unique and different from what people are used to seeing. This is one other hair style that has caught everyone’s attention because of the many different styles in which it can be created.
Of late a lot of vintage hair styles are managing to make another come back and one of those hairstyles that are really rocking is the finger wave. A super short pixie detailed with liberty spikes could be just what you need to have that really edgy and chic appearance.
For some women boyish are surely not a good option that is why I would advise that you always go in for the feminine haircuts like this cropped short hair cut because it will make you stand out nicely and make you look really elegant. One of the biggest reasons that made me fall in love with this particular hairstyle is the fact it can be pulled off by anyone. When some women get to a certain age especially in the 40’s they do not think it is actually important for them to still rock those stylish hair styles but from the image above, she just proved them all completely wrong.
Curly hair is one of the hardest types of hair to maintain because it easily runs dry and is more prone to frizz compared to straight hair however this does not mean you cannot have your curly hair and still rock. The feathered pixie not only looks smooth itself but also gives you a smoother look personally, from the style we notice a really abundant amount of texture creates a fantastic volume.
This is the beauty of having afro hair, a simple blow out is enough to make your hair look totally amazing.
The wispy pixie is more of long kind of pixie detailed with longer strands of hair falling towards the fore head to form a full face bang. The shingle bob haircut is one of the most stylish bob haircuts you will ever come across, sometimes people actually confuse it with the angled bob because they look quite similar but I am very sure every woman who loves elegance will love to have a shingle bob.
Like I always say once you choose the right hair color to match with your skin tone then you will have gotten all right with colored hairstyles. There is absolutely no better way to make everyone notice your pretty face, with your short hair slicked all back and aways from the face you will definitely turn into a beauty queen.
There is no more debate on how stylish side swept hairstyles are, whether it is the hair itself or just the bang and from the above photo we have confirmed how true this is. Straight hair is apparently the easiest hair to turn into anything you want, in other wards it very flexible hair.
If it is your first time to try out short hair cuts and you have always had long, well one of the easiest styles you can think of trying out first is this long wavy bob. The inverted bob usually has longer bangs at the front with hair left shorter at the back, here we see the beauty enjoying her messy inverted bob with strands of hair falling un paternally all over her face.
Thick, short and sassy layers make this hair cut really worth a try, hair is all sprout out at the top creating a huge amount of volume with some hair falling towards the fore head to form a bang. When you look at this chic and modern short boyish cut, you will understand why it is true that short haired girls have more fun than long haired ones. Even from a far you will be able to turn heads with this red short hair cut, it will however take someone with confidence to turn their head this red. The rate at which pixie haircuts grab attention is really amazing, this pixie has spiky ragged edges all through which create a really stylish look and also accentuated with bangs on the right side being longer than those on the left. Some people actually think that if you have curly hair you cannot rock short but when you look at her you will actually learn that this is very possible. The smooth and sleek shiny style of this style makes it look really outstanding, it almost looks like the hair naturally grew like that. Who ever thought rocking vintage curls would be one of the trendiest things, well really is and with a touch of modern details you will definitely be the center of attention. I don’t think there is any one that has rocked red hair better than Rihanna and yes this time round she yet again comes around with this raging red wavy hair cut.
One thing about brown hair is almost the same with black hair, it is more of a neutral color in that when you are applying it you are never worried about whether it will match your skin because in most cases it does. The undercut or shaved side as many people prefer to call has become another really trendy thing you cannot afford to miss out on.

May be the world has actually gone crazy or it is just the trend that is actually getting too crazy because of late messy hairstyles have also become stylish. Spunky punk is actually one other word to mean crazy because with all this competition with hairstyles people are always trying to come up with something that will make them unique.
The dizzying manes are layered throughout the sides and back to lighten the edges and allow the bounce of the waves added for shape and movement. This super traditional pixie haircut is cut short through the back and sides, blending into the top jagged cut layers, bringing this a lot of texture which can get it simple to style. Trim the hair section by section and create layers to add much style and charm to the look. Previous pinner said "For days when you only have time to blow dry and go you MUST have this brush! I love the color combination Taylor Swift chose and how gracefully she pulled off the look. Ciara chose a bold piece by Alexandre Vauthier for her Grammy award look, which was by far the most sexy dress of all.
Ariana Grande channelled her sexy side by wearing a classy red gown by Romona Keveza for her Grammy award look.
Carrie Underwood put up a mind-blowing performance on stage and looked fabulous on the red carpet. I guess in the picture above we can all witness how perfect the black short hair cut blended with her skin color and also her makeup.
In that I mean you do not have to do a lot with it for it to look good, in fact even at home you will be able to pull a really stunning style without having to go the saloon as long you have the right products for the hair.
You will come across many different types of pixies but this one in particular is more of a boyish pixie cut. Her hair is cut short at the back and the sides but when you get to the top it is left longer and detailed with lots of layers and curls falling towards her face to create a bang that covers her entire forehead. The beauty has her hair slicked back and a little raised at the top so the addition of some color to that we cannot deny the fact that she completely killed it o n this one.
It is no surprise that even your grandmother will tell you she has done the bob hair cut but even up to now the style still remains one of those every fashionable women should try out. Those who are gifted with thick hair will definitely love the fun that comes with this kind of hair cut as lots of hair is pulled to the front of the face to make that sexy side swept bang that covers the right eye. The style has almost everything for you to love about, a lot of texture, layers and of course that fringe. With lots of layers and volume plus a really thick fringe that flips to the side of the face there is absolutely no debate about you turning thousands of heads. This sexy and modern hair cut leaves hair longer at the top with curls flowing to only one side of the face to create the asymmetric style while hair on the other side is cut extremely short. And for all my ladies out there that do not have the time to sit in front of the mirror every morning but want to keep up with the same stunning look, well I can clearly tell you that this is the perfect solution to that. It is not every day that you will find a lady having the courage to go this bold but if you can pull it off and still look amazing then why not? She has her layers coming from the side flowing to different directions leaving hair to fall down to her neck. You simply have to add a little outstanding detail to make your own look just like she added the deep side part to her style to create that really up to date attitude. At the back we notice that her hair was cut really short while at the top lots of spiked and messy layers are left to free down towards her fore head. But why not put an end to all that by going short, since the hair even grow at a slower rate you will not need to go to the saloon often.
The style features short sleek bangs coming from the crown falling down to cover the ears together with a full face bang that cover the entire fore head. Maybe you have not seen many people with the peacock style but that is exactly what makes it worth trying out. The sexy beauty chose to cut her hair on the sides while at the middle we can lots of curls falling even to her face to create the stylish and really trendy side swept fringe. She wearing her finger waves with a nice accessory on the sides to make it more outstanding as the smooth waves flow swiftly away from her face with a slight side sweep to the back. In this particular hair cut, hair that flows towards the face is kept tremendously short with ends well textured and spiked out.
A lot of choppy smooth layers will help create the volume you need to have that really trendy but also girlie or feminine look.
Now if you are one of those who are gifted with naturally curly hair it will only take you seconds to pull off this kind of look because all you will need is a good hair brush to pull those curls towards the face to create the fringe. Leave that boring flat lying hair alone and try out something more playful but still keeps you looking respectable. Keeping it short will first of all help you tame all that frizz and keep it well controlled. The style also has a great amount of hair strands falling out towards the face and nicely flipped upwards for that trendy look and short bangs falling down to create side burns which frames the face more than perfectly. As people with relaxed and other hair types fight with flat irons and curling irons all you will need for you afro is a good hair oil, blow dryer and wide toothed comb to comb through that hair and after that there is no doubt you will be ready to walk out of the house.
Hair is textured and smoothed out from the crown towards the front to the face and the rest of the hair is cut a little shorter and slicked down towards the back. Thick strands of hair run from the crown flowing down to the jaws with hair cut shorter at the back.
The pixie hair cut has spiky strands falling towards the face creating a fringe that makes her look totally sexy and the detail navy blue at front makes it even more outstanding.
With this kind of style nothing on your face will go un noticed, from the beautiful make up, to your gorgeous face shape together with those beautiful eyes and face. The lady did not stop at rocking the stylish side swept bang but also went ahead to detail her look with beautiful contrasts of red and brown all through the style. The lady above has her straight hair styled into a short bob with bangs falling down only to the level of her side burns. Hair is separated to both sides of the head with a center leaving the gorgeous waves to fall down hugging the face.
Making some layers slightly longer than others is a way of adding volume to the style to create more face framing look. This makes a long face shape appear much shorter than it is so for those of you who thought you would never try short hair because of your long face, here is one perfect hair cut for your long face.
She has her hair cut down really short on the sides but left long and spiky at the top which leaves her face round face shape all standing out.

Hair is cut extremely short on all sides leaving no hair hanging towards the face as the rest, a quality shine serum will be perfect to keep this style in shape. This makes the pixie look more like an asymmetric, the bangs that fall towards perfectly hug the face as the textured strands add volume to the style. What I love most about them is that they are styled naturally, you just finger comb to remove the tangles to make you coiled curls look really amazing. The side part with hair only cut short on the front side makes the pixie look more grown into the style, almost forgot to mention the color contrast perfectly matches her face shape and make up. On the right side hair is left straight and slicked back with just a few stands covering part of the ear while at the top the beautiful vintage curls cascade down towards the face for a more stylish appearance. The big waves are puffed out to create a really big volume while at the front the style is detailed with a deep side part. But this does not apply to all the shades of brown some are lighter while others are darker so you should seek help from a stylist on which shades match well with your skin color. For many of the hairstyles fashion stars, you probably have noticed that a huge number of people are actually going in for this particular.
You can rock you messy hairstyle and have thousands of people giving you attention, she has her loose waves flowing all directions towards her face to create the amazing messy style.
The adorable pixie cut is great for the formal events and it is suitable for many face structures. It's amazing how smooth your hair will look and in less dry time than with the typical brush!
Ciara wore her plunging, slit dress with black stilettos and styled her hair in a loose knot ponytail.
She paired the dazzling white jumpsuit with high heels and a beige clutch to go with her classy dress alternative. Zendaya’s outfit was one of the most classiest and boldest of all the Grammy Award 2016 dresses. You however need to be careful when it comes to these short haircuts because not all of them will match you face shape but at least you will find one or two that make that perfect blend with that face shape of yours. Her hair is all combed away from her face leaving all her beautiful facial features standing out nicely.
It is very easy to because all you will need is hair gel to make those ends stand up strong and spiky and a hair spray to add some shine. You will also notice some shades of light brown and dark brown in there that just make the entire style really chic. The center parting leaves hair flowing down to just below her jaws creating a very flattering frame for her face shape.
At the back of the cut hair is styled into lots of layers to create volume all through the style especially the raise around the crown area, you will never go wrong with this kind of hair cut. To create this style you will not have to go to your stylist because you just need to make those ends choppy and create slight waves then you will be good to go.
For even more attention a touch of really shiny blonde was more than wise to make the style more outstanding.
It is not written anywhere that big, long or thick is the only thing that makes a women look gorgeous, you can still grab all that attention with your bold and by the way it is very stylish.
Of late bangs have also become the in thing therefore the side swept bang will not only make you look stylish but also create a gorgeous frame for your face shape. The bangs that fall down to hug her jaws create such a flattering frame for her face shape. Wear this style to a crazy night out with your girls and be rest assured to be the most outstanding of them all.
The blonde always enjoy summer time most so feel free to try this punk hair cut during summer.
Apply only natural hair products to it and you will fall in love with your afro textured hair. The blend of colors and the way it is spiked out at the crown is what gives it the name, peacock hair cut. Hair all throughout the style is spiked with some detail given to the layers on top of the style to bring out that really outstanding and trendy style. The style features cute bangs falling down to her neck with a trendy side swept fringe that leaves her square face perfectly framed. I also love the fact that it is very easy to style as you just have to apply a curls spray finger comb and you will be good to go. At the top hair is a bit raised and swept to the side to create the trendy side swept fringe.
The rest of the hair is brushed and given a blonde shade I absolutely love everything about her hair cut, don’t know about you? For those of you with thin hair and you thought of giving it up, well why not try out this simple but totally elegant straight hairstyle. The blonde and brown contrast makes the style even more attractive but if you do not like the color, you can go in for any other that you think will suit you better. If you are the type that loves daring you esteem by trying out new staff this hair cut might your perfect choice. Her subtle makeup and pretty curls complimented her look quite well, which easily made her a nominee on my list of best dressed celebrities in the category of Grammy Award 2016 dresses. The 19-year-old certainly has a unique sense of style that reflects differently at every event. I love anything with a hint of sexiness so this sexy dress HAD to be on my list of best dressed celebrities .
Therefore you must contact a really good hair stylist before you think of cutting your hair short.
I absolutely love the fact that you will not have to go through a lot of difficulties to create the style. The bangs are created to one side to enhance the face and the entire hairstyle wonderfully.
Zendaya completed her Grammy award look with high heels and her mullet hair was inspired by late David Bowie.
The pixie with extra volume at the back is perfect for people with fine to medium hair and can be simply re-created with a blow-wave.

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