These healthy vegan recipes take you on a virtual trip around the world with flavors from traditional Indian dal to Asian-inspired slaws and Moroccan tagine.
More resources you might appreciate: 13 healthy make-ahead breakfast recipes, 16 recipes that pack well for lunch and 14 simple weeknight dinners. Is it possible to obtain permission to print some of your material and distribute it to our members. What a great assortment of recipes, I needed something good to make for dinner tonight and it was difficult to decide. Aww, just look at all the gooey, soon to be stretched and strung (upon my no longer empty fork) cheese and dream of what could be yours =)!
This dish has everything you find in the traditional Caprese flavors and many of the traditional lasagna flavors.
This is how the layering should look, this was attempt 2 with fresh Mozzarella (which I highly don’t recommend). Vegan Internet communities like VegWeb and the Post Punk Kitchen are gaining popularity among vegans all over the world, and now a growing community of locals are blogging about living vegan, in Vancouver. On the blog for the Vancouver-based animal-rights organization Liberation BC, a list was recently posted of many local sites, such as Epicurvegan, Blowing Up My Kitchen, Sweet On Veg, Plate+Simple and many more. Hilary fuels her busy lifestyle, which includes both a career and a toddler, with healthy food and exercise.
The Agro Cafe, a local purveyor of vegan treats, is where Hilary gobbles up one of her favourite snacks, their morning glory muffin. With a little self-promotion on social networking sites and some exposure to eager participants in some initial giveaways, Hilary soon found that her blog was attracting all kinds of interest and readership. Hilary's to-die-for recipe for Easy Coconut Date Macaroons is a big hit on her blog, Plate+Simple.
As someone who was formerly obsessed with weight and calories but is now happy and healthy, Hilary can attest that the information on her site is of great value for both vegans and the vegan-curious hoping to establish a healthy and less tumultuous relationship with food.
Hilary’s willingness to share insight and anecdotes from her own life creates a personable voice: one that feels like a real friend leading by example to help readers enjoy their own healthy lives.
When it comes to family, Hilary has proven that when one person goes vegan, it doesn’t need to cause any strife or tension in the home dynamic.
She admits to having a major sweet tooth and manages to keep it in check with the occasional indulgence in vegan chocolate and baked goods.
Plate+Simple contains a “foodlosophy” section where Hilary knowledgeably shares her suggestions for a healthy and well-rounded vegan diet. For now, Hilary shares several of her own recipes on the blog and promises lots more contests, giveaways, recipes and vegan resources to come in the near-future.

Get the latest food + drink, fashion, entertainment, home, health + fitness and travel news sent straight to your inbox. If you're looking for some delicious vegan dinner ideas, we've gotcha covered with these fabulous 15 recipes from food bloggers. This week’s recipe round-up is dedicated to all of you vegan friends who are looking for some simple and creative new dinner ideas. So today I’m happy to be featuring some favorites from some of my fellow talented food bloggers! Full of colorful fruits and vegetables, these easy healthy vegan recipes make vegan cooking exciting.
Please check the recipe notes on each recipe because some require a small substitution or omission to be vegan (like use agave nectar instead of honey or omit the optional feta).
My wife is starting to freak out because I don’t eat veggies all to often, in fact, I pushed the bok choy of my plate last night. I don’t love quinoa in every application but I think it’s pretty great with that cauliflower! Your kale salads are always the best and I’m going through a crazy roasted cauliflower craze right now so these are calling my name!
I fixed #13 as I had all the ingredients on hand (well, barley was the grain as I have never seen the one listed) and all of us would have liked bigger servings, it was so good. I am going to attempt a vegetarian diet for a month and these are definitely going to help, thanks! Yes this is my third attempt at creating what I’d envisioned, and at last a beautifully delicious success. I just didn’t want to take a third round of pictures of the prep, so the only difference when you make them will be the use of shredded mozzarella rather than the fresh Mozzarella in the bottom layer. Despite having only launched in May of this year, the design and content of Plate+Simple would suggest that it has been live for years. She insists that her blogging is a labour of love that was destined to become an important part of her life. This is one thing that makes the blog somewhat unique: while most other vegan blogs are focused on the animal welfare or environmental benefits of a vegan diet, Plate+Simple is all about the health benefits. Hilary is happy at the moment to pursue her interest in nutrition as a gratifying hobby rather than a career path.
Dividing her thoughts between literature and the Vancouver Canucks, she is currently writing a novel for her thesis at UBC’s MFA Creative Writing program. I enjoyed a few too many heavy meals over the past couple of days, so I thought we could lighten up a little with my favorite vegan dinners.

We’re in too much of a rut over here and depending a lot on frozen meat substitutes :\ Pinning and devouring these meals as soon as possible! This makes two weeks in a row that I have brought home a big cauliflower from the farmer’s market to make a new soup recipe and before that can happen it is cooked up in something else that catches my eye. I have been eyeing that West African Peanut Soup for quite some time now and I think it is about time that I finally make it! So, the third time I went with a more traditional cheese feeling with the average low-moisture part skim Mozzarella cheese and lots of it, a bit of Parmesan for flavor and a little Ricotta for texture and glueage (I know that’s not a word, but I say it should be). With that I don’t mean to say their flavor is bland and boring, they are just simple yet incredible flavors.
Drain pasta (DO NOT rinse with water) and align lasagna noodles in a single layer on a large sheet of parchment or wax paper. For filling, in a large mixing bowl, whisk together ricotta cheese and egg white until well blended.
Though most food-bloggers tend to focus primarily on luscious food porn and restaurant reviews, Plate+Simple ties together those elements with an overarching focus on health and nutrition. Here are some more roundups you might appreciate: 14 simple weeknight dinners, 12 soups for cold days, 12 favorite kale salads and my top 10 vegetarian Mexican recipes. That roasted cauliflower and freekah sounds amazing, not sure how I missed that one earlier! The egg white also helps glue and bind the mixture together, I decided to omit the yolk because I wanted to keep my cheese filling nice and white so it has that Caprese-y look. You won’t find lots of tofu or meat substitutes here—just wholesome meals made with protein-rich whole grains, beans and fresh produce. I just keep healthy ingredients onhand, and if I’m creatively stumped for ideas I check out the index. Then you roll it up and top it with a simple marinara sauce made from crushed Roma tomatoes, and you sprinkle over more Mozzarella cheese, bake it and then garnish it with fresh basil ribbons.
Top each roll up with about 2 Tbsp of the pasta sauce (covering edges of pasta so they don't dry out while baking). Serve warm. Simple Marinara Sauce Heat olive oil in a medium saucepan over medium high heat. Add onions to hot oil and saute about 3 minutes until soft, adding garlic during last minute of sauteing.

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