Nuts, when taken in moderate quantities are good for health as they contain lots of proteins and fiber. Peanut butter contains good amounts of protein and healthy fat helpful in building muscle tissue.
A cool calorie free spiced green tea with mint extract is an amazing snack to quench your thirst. A combination of red grapes and walnuts is a powerful combo loaded with fiber, protein, healthy fats, and natural sugars. With fewer than 155 calories per serving and lots of vitamin A, these crisp and satisfying wedges are perfect to bake up the next time you're jonesing for some french-fried goodness (just sub soy yogurt for Greek yogurt in the spicy chipotle-pepper dip).

This crunchy low carb snack is easy to make and you can add little chocolate chips to enhance its taste. Multigrain or whole grain bread toast contains good amounts of fiber and a combination of both these ingredients is an excellent protein snack.
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There are many healthy snacking options that can help curb your appetite besides providing your body with all the essential nutrients it requires. They aid in weight loss by maintaining the balance of blood sugar levels and absorbing sugar.

Berry fruits are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C and help enhance your body’s fat burning ability.
Such healthy snacks will make you feel like your diet is having everything without deprivation.

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