Now that all that Halloween dust has settled, it’s time to return to the Eyeshadow Tutorial for Asian Eyes series!
In the third installment of the Eyeshadow Tutorial for Asian Eyes series, we discuss the Outer V. As with the Crease and Contour Area, the Outer-V on the Asian eye is quite different from that on the Caucasian eye. 1st stroke of ‘V’: Imagine a line that extends beyond the Lower Lash Line, draw the line towards the brow, careful not to extend beyond the Border. 2nd stroke of ‘V’: Blend towards the Contour Area (aka Orbital Rim or Socket Line), which is above the Fold.
For other parts of the eye, check out Part 1 of the Eyeshadow Tutorial for Asian Eyes series.
Bun Bun’s Makeup Tip: Be careful not to draw too sharp or dark an Outer V on the Asian eye, because it may look especially stark without the natural indentation of the eye. I’ve found that what works best for me is to only perform the Outer V on a very small area at the outer part of the eye.
I primed my Lid with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden, and pat on NYX Single Eyeshadow in Rust, bringing it above the Fold.
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The following tips on applying Halloween makeup will help you create your best costumed look from head to toe. When you plan on dressing up, don't discount the ability of stage makeup to finish your look. Before you opt for faux lashes, make sure you practice the application several days in advance.

For a creepy or gothic costume, here's a great tip on applying Halloween makeup: focus on just one part of the face! Dark face paint is offset by a blood stained mouth in this example, proving that little more than a few colored cosmetics are needed to highlight these horrific teeth.
A gal rocking an allnighter, a zombie or someone who just got into a fight all call for smudged and messy makeup styles. Dylan chats with his friend&performer Camryn Rae as she shares her favorite beauty tips,&tricks from the stage to the streets. Also don’t bring the Outer-V too much inwards, stop somewhere before reaching the middle of the lid. I’ll definitely work colors onto the Contour Area first, then add the tiny ‘V’ on top of that.
If you think too much of the Contour Area color has been lost, you can always add it back and repeat the blending.
Take a look at these ideas and suggestions for perfect costume cosmetics each and every time!

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