Rich in fibre, vitamin K, potassium and heart-protective folate, avocados have many health benefits. Many people harbour the misconception that fats should be completely avoided when you are trying to lose some extra pounds.
A research conducted by University of Purdue has found that though almonds are rich in calories, they do not contribute to belly fat. When you talk about weight loss, most people would suggest you to avoid bananas as they are fattening.
Apples are perhaps the most widely studied fruit, and the results of research into their benefits have been extremely positive.
Let’s be honest, when most of us try to burn belly fat it’s usually for the more vein of reasons – to look good in a new outfit or to rock up at some fancy event, all fly like.
So let’s just agree right now that it’s in your own best interest (and that of anyone who cares about you) that you make a real commitment to get rid of your belly fat for good. I satisfy my craving for a sweet treat after each meal by having a couple of large medjool dates with a nice cuppa. Steer clear of white refined grains (we’re talking white rice, white bread and regular white pasta) and replace these with their much healthier whole grain alternatives – wild brown rice, whole grain pasta and brown wheat bread for instance.
They’re much better for you and their higher fiber content will help you burn belly fat too.
Studies have shown fat burning foods like these (in moderation) can stop the build up of belly fat. Soluble fiber keeps your insulin levels low, which speeds up your body’s fat burning ability. Boost your metabolism by starting your day with 2-3 large glasses of water, before you eat anything. If you’re finding it hard to knock back glass after glass, introduce a few comforting cups of herbal tea. By applying what we’ve already learned, we can see that a tasty bowl of porridge oats, sweetened with a little organic honey and some blueberries and raspberries will start your day off right with the ultimate combination of foods that burn belly fat.
The logic here is that the days of low carbs will put your body into fat burning mode while the high carb day then gets your metabolism running again.
Also make sure you don’t eat carbs after 6pm if at all possible, or you run the risk of them turning to fat.
In all cases, the word ‘carbs’ here refers to good complex carbs like brown rice, beans and oats.
Stay away from nuts that are mixed with dried fruit (too much sugar) and salted nuts too (too much sodium).
Eat a fresh salad packed with leafy greens either before or with your meal and you won’t need as a big portion as usual.
Porridge oats are one of the best fat burning foods around and will optimise your body for getting rid of unwanted belly fat when you eat them first thing in the morning. A big bowl of porridge might not sound like the most appetising of breakfast options, but it can be.
Now that you know the best fat burning foods and the best ways to consume them, the secret to getting the best results is to do it in a way that’s sustainable. The last thing you want is to lapse back into your old habits, so staying motivated and consistent is the most important thing.
Setting any food ‘off limits’ forever is like showing yourself a big red button that says ‘do not push’. So reward yourself once a week with a cheat day, where you celebrate your great progress by indulging (a little). Even if your partner, spouse or friends aren’t on the same mission for a flat stomach, share your goal with them anyway.
Whether it’s your personal goals or your to do list, writing it down will dramatically increase the likelihood you’ll achieve it. And to take things a step further, here are two tips on how to exercise in a way that’ll burn off belly fat the quickest.

Cardio will burn more calories than lifting weights, so if you can only do one of these, stick with that. For example, my own exercise routine involves running 3-4 days per week and lifting some weights 2 days per week. High-intensity interval training has been proven to burn more fat in less time that other exercises. For example, I used to go on a 40 minute run where I’d keep a pretty good, consistent pace. The difference is, I now do high intensity sprints followed by a lower intensity recovery pace.
The science here is that HIIT bumps up your metabolism and keeps it up afterwards, creating an ‘after burn’ effect. Ok, maybe not fully naked but naked enough so you can see your belly (or whatever area you want to tone up). Also, tracking your progress with pictures is the best way to see results (forget weighing scales) and when you can visibly tell that you’re on the right path by looking at a photo, you’ll feel awesome and inspired to continue. So when I phone a friend to share my progress, can I leave out the standing butt nekkid in front of the mirror? Good tips as usual, I’ll join Loraine and yourself in getting in shape for the wedding. These foods, commonly called “healthy” by experts, the media, and even the government, are actually silently harming the health of you and your family.
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They may help keep cholesterol down, reduce the risk of heart disease, and macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness.
It contains papain (an enzyme), which helps to break down food faster, flattens your belly and reduces bloating. But, olive oil contains a chemical called oleic acid, which breaks down excessive fat in the body.
Oats are not only filling, but they also provide your body with energy that is released slowly throughout the day.
The most recent evidence (and excitement!) focuses on apples’ phytonutrient compounds, including quercetin, catechins, phlorizin and chlorogenic acid—powerful antioxidants. Turns out that excess sugar gets stored as fat, making a flat stomach virtually impossible to achieve.
Mine’s on a Saturday, when you can catch me at my local farmers market scoffing down a cherry and chocolate biscuit cake. Most of the time products that are labelled as ‘wheat’ actually have very little nutritional value. A gradual increase gives the natural bacteria in your digestive system some time to adapt to your new fiber intake. Around 7% of calories in carbs are burned during digestion, whereas a whopping 30% of the calories in protein get burned as you eat them. They’re also one of the very best fat burning foods out there. As well as having high nutritional value, eating leafy greens regularly is one of the best ways to lose belly fat for good. Fibre lowers insulin levels which burns up more body fat in the process, giving you that trim tum you’re after.
It’s pretty low in calories too and studies have found it can actually help to kick start your natural fat burning hormones.
But yes, peanut butter’s high niacin content helps keep your digestive system in order, placing it firmly among the best foods that burn belly fat. Anything containing nuts of any kind will have lots of fat – and peanut butter is no exception.
It’s much easier for me to get through six days of doing things by the book, if there’s one day to look forward at the end when I can eat some of my favourite foods (in moderation). But for maximum flat stomach awesomeness it’s the combination of both that’ll give you the best results.

If walking or running is your thing and you don’t fancy a dedicated weight session like mine, just buy some arm or leg weights and wear them while you walk twice per week. The great thing about HIIT is that it doesn’t mean you have to do extra long exercise sessions – you just have to do them with a bit more intensity. But since switching into high intensity mode, I now get much better fat burning results, but still just running for 40 minutes. This is entirely different to my old way of running where I’d hold the same pace for the whole 40 minutes. I started this recently and once you get over the initial awkwardness of standing half nekkid in front of the mirror taking a selfie, you can use it as one of the biggest motivators at your disposal. But if you’ll continue reading you’re going to discover why you should eat MORE foods such as delicious butter, cream, cheese, coconut fat, avocados, and juicy steaks.
Tomatoes reduce water retention in the body, and also help in the production of leptin (a type of protein), which is responsible for regulating your appetite as well as your metabolism. This fat actually burns belly fat instead of packing it on (it’s called mono saturated, duh). This is enough to keep hunger at bay without clocking up the calories that other snacks contain.
Treat yourself occasionally as a reward for your awesome progress towards losing belly fat.
Staring at a picture of yourself will keep you motivated and on track to get to where you want to be. You should start drinking green tea because Flavonoids present in the tea have natural anti-inflammatory, It will help reduce body fat, Even eggs are rich in protein and low in fat & calories, Eating one egg per day can reduce your belly fat. They are also rich in fibre, which keeps you satiated for a longer time, thus curbing your cravings. If you’ve tried without success to lose weight before, you may believe that diets don’t work for you.
The only remedy to cure water retention in the body is to increase fluid intake in your diet.
A healthy eating plan gives your body the nutrients it needs every day while staying within your daily calorie goal for weight loss.
A healthy eating plan will also lower your risk for heart disease and other health conditions.EggsTurn breakfast into a fat-burning morning boost by skipping the stack of pancakes and feasting on a couple of eggs instead.
According to a study, huevos beat out carbs when it found helping folks feel full longer and helping them beat back snack attacks later in the day.OatmealYour morning snack attack is caused by a dip in blood sugar levels. Fiber-rich oatmeal stays in your stomach for hours, staving off a doughnut run.Whole GrainsReady to trade your belly bulge for any flat tummy? We’re talking brown rice, quinoa, steel-cut oats, whole-grain cereal, and 100% whole-wheat bread and pasta.
Green tea also accelerates fat loss, prevents cancer and improves blood sugar & circulation. All of these qualities together explain why adding pistachios towards the diet helped dieters in a study curb their appetites and lose more weight.YogurtContain bacteria that improve your gastrointestinal health. Eat it with berries and flax seeds.Beans And LegumesBeans are low-cal and packed with protein and fiber, which help you tone up and lose weight. One study in particular revealed that eating half a grapefruit before each meal helped dieters shed more pounds than people who skipped the tart appetizer.QuinoaQuinoa is higher in fiber and protein than rice or oats, tastes much better and is gluten free.
Eat it post workout with meat and spinach.AvocadoThis green goddess of heavenly, creamy taste will help you whittle your waist. Researchers suspect that the unsaturated fat in avocados may ratchet up body levels of the hunger-halting hormone called leptin a hormone that lets your brain realize that you’re full, so you stop eating.

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