While there are many diets and programs that claim to help you lose weight, very few of them have stood up to scientific scrutiny and have withstood the test of time.
Simply put: We were consuming too much energy from food and not expending the same amount of energy through daily activity.
While this model appeared to be correct at the extreme ends of the spectrum, restricting calories without paying attention to food quality proved to not be the healthiest approach. By the 1970s, researchers believed that over-consumption of saturated fat was the reason people became overweight. Canadians were encouraged to do away with traditional cooking oils, such as lard and butter, and replace them with vegetable oils and margarine. It would seem that replacing refined carbohydrates with healthy proteins, vegetables, some fruits, nuts and good fats could dramatically improve overall health and keep the weight off. Essentially, food companies are now creating addictions in adults and children and some people can’t help but eat foods that are unhealthy. As time goes on, we find that obesity is a more complicated issue than simply what and how much we eat.
In my next column, we will review simple lifestyle changes you can make to for healthy weight loss. Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry consisting of how-to books, fat-burning supplements and surgical procedures designed to curb appetite and shed pounds. Unfortunately, obesity and heart disease rates skyrocketed during this period of fat phobia, especially among children. The first recorded use of a low-carbohydrate diet to treat obesity was in 1863 and was the standard of care up until the 1940s.
The Canada Food Guide even recommends that the majority of our calories come from refined carbohydrates. Additional studies have shown individual differences in weight loss due to vitamin D levels, stress, quality of sleep may also play a role. Chris Chatzoglou is a chiropractor in Vancouver, BC, freelance writer and natural health expert specializing in nutrition and fitness. Chris Chatzoglou is a chiropractor in Vancouver, podcaster, freelance writer and natural health expert specializing in nutrition and fitness. Today, many people who have incorporated a low-carbohydrate diet have already experienced incredible results.

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