Ever since Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi became a mom last August, she’s been shedding elements of her “Jersey Shore” persona, including her partying habit.
Snooki has been trying to hide her unhealthy behavior, but at a March 16 event in New York City that she attended with BFF Jenni “JWoww” Farley, her pals saw the evidence firsthand. Even Pauly D expressed concern at a recent event in Las Vegas over his former costar’s dramatically thinner figure, which she has been flaunting nonstop on twitter.
Snooki’s past struggles with food may be all the more reason to suspect that he’s in trouble, according to New York psychiatrist Dr.
Yeah I mean again, whoever this person is, I don’t watch tv, I think she is reality person, whoever she is, weight loss is not going to save her. Oh man, I hope she never sees this website– your comment alone would make a girl with an eating disorder relapse like crazy.
Natalia, I am not the one who makes the decisions on who opens accounts and gets feeds, everybody is allowed to, so kindly stop making false assumptions. I’m not that great with inches and lbs but wouldn’t that give her a BMI of just under 18 and you just under 19?
I agree that body fat percentage is one of the best indicators but its also harder to measure unless you have one of the actual machines that do it. Bmi is flawed too and there was even an article about it how tall peoples bmis are lower than it says and short people have higher bmis than calculated. Not gona lie i think she looks good, but if that really is her diet that is like, sooo not healthy.
Star Magazine is crap and I wish Ver.sus would stop featuring their quotes because they only spread vile gossip. That’s because in terms of proportions alone, she’d have to be around 64lb with a completely identical frame for her height to look exactly the same as you! I agree with almost everything you said but Snooki is not 80 lbs, more like 90 lbs which would give Candy the lower BMI.

Going by the last two photos (and not the ridiculous article), I don’t see anything wrong with how she looks. Jessying - Malaysia Beauty Blog - Skin Care reviews, Make Up reviews and latest beauty news in town! While on the show, he recalls, “Snooki told us all how she had battled an eating disorder in high school. You just have a bad attitude, and you lack humility when dealing with strangers over the internet. Secondly, I am placing you again in moderation since many visitors have complained that your comments are too mean and negative. Anyway I agree with you she does not look underweight, I am guessing she is 90 lbs which is ok for her height, she is so petite. Maybe 4lb per inch, which doesn’t sound like much difference, but it means 5ft4, 110lb is more comparable to 4ft9 and 82lb rather than, say, 75lb. It may be decent for judging if someone is obese, but ive noticed 5 ft women with say a 19 bmi look larger than a 6ft woman with the same bmi. Congratulations– 50 lbs in a huge loss, and having a baby I’m sure is going to be beautiful! Before she had her child (I believe), when she had lost weight she suggested eating an apple for or simply skipping lunch. It would suck to be that short – you can’t get away with eating junk food because it will show the next day! I just hope it is a healthy weight loss and I really hope that the diet posted is not her real diet! However, when people get taller, their frames tend to get more long than wide and so BMI accounts for this. But I’d say that a lot of the time people overestimate the weight of shorter woman, not underestimate, because they are comparing their taller selves and find it hard to comprehend that someone who looks bigger than them for the height could potentially weigh less than them.

It’s like they have the same build as a much shorter woman, yet they are significantly taller. Or do you just sit alone at the keyboard feeling superior to people you deem average and beneath you? Even you did put a picture and you were gorgeous, you would still need a bag to cover your hideous personality.
I think we just had a misunderstanding, I’m sorry if it sounded like I was calling you out.
Hopefully she’s keeping the weight off in a healthy way, but honestly I would love to be at her weight. Hence, 82lb at 4ft9 is comparable to 135lb at 6ft1 (using BMI), although you would look more narrow in relation to the length. She’s been on this diet and that diet and been almost more famous about her diets than her reality show or horrible style. Taller people, generally speaking, have narrower frames in relation to their height than shorter people’s. It doesn’t look like this by any stretch of the imagination, even taking into account frame size. She is from Chile and women of that region are often built like this, super petite and small all over.
That said, she does look heavier than 80lb, even for her height, but I think that’s because of her body type, especially the huge boobs! In the way that they were solid (mine would be full of cellulite at her highest weight), and they were quite shapely and nicely shaped.

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