Losing weight has been one of the top priorities for individuals who wanted to shift to a healthy and fitter lifestyle. Taking green tea (whether in beverage or pill form) helps you lose unwanted fat in many ways. There are many programs created to trim down excess pounds and green tea diet is one of the most popular one.
Spare a few minutes to tea this post and find out if green tea really makes you lose weight. There have been numerous studies conducted to establish facts about the health benefits of green tea and it appears that it actually aids in weight loss. Green tea is loaded with essential amino acids that help maintain the LDL cholesterol in your body as well as your blood sugar level. Putting aside those claims, let us focus on one question: does green tea help you lose weight fast?There is no doubt that drinking green tea instead of a cup of coffee is healthier. There was a study about green tea and weight loss wherein two groups of obese women were asked to participate.

But beyond the bad claims against it, caffeine in green tea is the primary reason for its weight loss effects. So, drinking 3 to 4 cups of freshly made green tea every day even if you already lost some pounds would be beneficial.
The first group wasinstructed to take green tea supplements during breakfast, lunch, and dinner while the second group was given placebo diet supplements. Caffeine found in green tea helps promote metabolism and some other bodily mechanisms such as breathing, blood circulation, and retention of body temperature. Within two weeks, the first group was able to lose weight twice as much as the placebo group.
Green tea produces the so-called ‘thermogenic effect’ which helps you burn tons of calories. After a month, theywere able to lose weight three times as much as those who are actually on a diet. Nonetheless, you still have to take it moderately because too much of caffeine in green tea may also be bad for your health.

This natural health drink also contains a type of nutrient called EGCG which is another important factor in weight loss. The ability of green tea to promote weight loss depends on the quality of the green tea you drink.
EGCG works by boosting the production of noradrenalin, enhancing metabolism, and suppressing one’s appetite. So, when you drink a cup of green tea, there may be a slight increase in your body temperature.An increase in temperature might mean higher expenditure of energy which means, more calories are burned. But, relying solely on green tea for weight loss never works because the results are negligible.

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