The products consist of shakes, soups and bars, designed to lower your calorie intake to as little as 415 calories.
There are 6 parts to the plan which offers various extremes of calorie suppression, these limit calorie intake from 1500 kcals per day right down to just 415 kcals per day. The liquid shakes and supplements are all produced by the Cambridge Manufacturing Company Ltd, and distributed through its network of “counsellors”.
Low calorie diets often have a detrimental effect on fat loss and can cause the body to preserve its fat reserves, burning muscle tissue first and causing the metabolism to go into freefall. Tesco Diets is one of the only places to offer diet & exercise plans tailored to the individual and not just a "one size fits all" program. Regardless of which supermarket you shop at, you are given a shopping list for the meals featured in your diet plan. However, we found the best feature of the Tesco Diet plan is that you are also appointed a "dieting mentor" who is available to offer support and discuss your diet with whenever you need to.
As with other "offline" diet clubs there is also a weekly weigh in, which will help monitor your progress and visualise your goal.

There are no less than fourteen personalised diet plans, including the Mediterranean diet, Diabetes plan, Atkins, low carb diet, low fat, and Cholesterol-Lowering plans. Try our Calorie Calculator and find out how many calories you need to cut daily to start losing weight. South Beach Diet discussion forum, guides, food list and South Beach recipe for south beach diet beginners. Best Weight Loss Tips - Get detailed information on diet plan for weight loss for men, good diet foods, men diet plans, diet daily plan, healthy diet daily plan, diet for weight loss tips, weight loss healthy diet. Explore the best healthy diet plan collection that includes most effective weight loss diets, healthy eating plans and techniques and other healthy lifestyle tips. DASH Diet - DASH for Health is a healthy diet plan created to help you lose weight and get a healthy heart using the DASH Diet program.
These trained sales staff initiate the diet by coming to your home and showing you the available products.
When you join, you receive a personalised weekly meal plan which has been put together to suit your favorite foods, activity levels, BMI, and goal weight.

This is then available to print off or copy from, so you pick the right ingredients for your diet plan. These mentors are genuine dieters who have had success with their Tesco diet plan and can help you along the way, you can also chat with qualified nutritionists if you reach a diet plateau and need help giving your diet a jump start. These message boards allow dieters to chat about what has worked for them, share recipes, ideas and success stories. Find info on healthy diet plans, stress management, and other healthy lifestyle tips for women.

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