Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The meal plans recipes and cook book nutrition principles that follow are a culmination of 15 years of research and study by Isabel De Los Rios of "The Diet Solution Plan" into exactly what works to achieve a lean body.I assure you that none of these rules are i??unhealthyi?? or i??extremei??. I’m nearing the end of my first 4 weeks on this program and I can’t wait to see what my results look like in the next few days!
Today I thought I would share with you a grocery list of foods that I have purchased while on The Diet Solution Program. Bring this list to the grocery store with you on your next trip and if you just stick to the items on included you will be doing your waistline a big favor. However, if you are an athlete who puts in long hours of intense activity, your body may need the energy that comes from having some grains in the diet.
However, if you are exercising and start to feel that your body just doesn’t have enough energy to get through your workouts then go ahead and add grains back in but make sure you eat them post workout. There are other variations of breads and pastas that I approve of but I have found these are the best tasting.

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On the contrary, they are the best principles you can incorporate to not only get you jumpstarted on your fat loss success but to also help you achieve a level of health and wellbeing that you may never have thought possible for you.These meal plans are also not a crash diet or a short term plan. This will give you the best chance of having your body use the energy from the grains for energy vs storing them as fat. I stay lean all year long and I do it by following these principles and eating very similar meal plans to the ones I have outlined below. I’ve recently been on a grapefruit bender after having discovered that removing all skin and pith with a knife is the miracle answer to delicious grapefruit. BTW, I like Isabel too but was concentrating on more fitness based sites vs strictly nutrition. The Author Behind The 4 Cycle Fat Loss SolutionShaun HadsallShaun Hadsall, the author of the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution, is an ex-fitness model who placed as the first runner-up in a body transformation contest with over 20,000 people competing around the world.  He has spent over 15 years in the fitness and nutrition industry, working with and helping people to lose fat.

I feel so great, I stay at my ideal weight and I am unstoppable every day.So, the rules are simple and the meal plans are easy to follow. All you need to do is add the commitment and motivation to see it through.Doni??t just do it i??half-wayi??. He is completely right in what he is saying in regards to the extra calories you could be racking up. Those two just re-enforced what I originally said that Shaun loves riding that positive wave!Another great positive from the program is the time frame in which you are given. After talking to a lot of people I quickly realized that a lot of you had been stung with ‘dud’ programs – so really you want to know whether or the program in question will get you results. Personally to start with I would defiantly go with Shaun’s 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution.Hope this helps,Chris Woody Reply May 4, 2014Great program from Shaun!

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