HighlightsThis book helps folks take control of what they eat and comes complete with a hypnotherapy CD Allen Carrs unique and highly successful Easy Way method has been updated and applied to weight loss, revealing what makes us eat too much and how we can break free. If you have struggled with weight loss, or simply to keep control of your weight, you probably feel that you have failed on countless diets. Fortunately you don't have to diet for the rest of your life because Allen Carr's Easyway have applied the principles of their phenomenally successful stop smoking method to the issue of weight loss.
There are no points to count or difficult recipes to follow as part of our weight loss seminars.
The seminar shows you how to re-educate your taste buds so that you learn to relish the flavour of fresh, natural foods and "eat yourself slim".
During the inspirational six hour seminar your Allen Carr's Easyway therapist will prompt you to question the things that society has taught you about food and eating. In group sessions of 10 - 20 attendees, a fully trained therapist will give you the tools to regain control of your life and control of your weight.

The final part of the six hour seminar involves relaxing hypnotherapy, designed to reinforce what you have learned during the main seminar and remove any remaining doubts that you may have. All Allen Carr's Easyway therapists are people who have benefitted from the method themselves and felt inspired to pass it on to others. Although the weight seminar does not include a money back guarantee as our stop smoking and stop drinking seminars do (by their very nature, the issues involved with eating are very different to the smoking seminars - you can't stop eating altogether), you may find reading our client testimonials here puts your mind at rest that losing weight does NOT have to be torturous or even unpleasant.
Please do give us a call on 0208 944 7761 if you would like to have a no obligation chat about attending an Allen Carr's Easyway to Lose Weight session.
Allen Carr's Easyway to Lose Weight Sessions are currently available in London and Birmingham. Wheelchair Access - Unfortunately due to the age and nature of the buildings, the clinics do not have wheelchair access.
Lose Weight Now trains the mind for healthy eating, avoiding all the feelings of deprivation and frustration involved in diets.

There are no prescribed meal plans to stick to - just a six hour seminar that can inspire you to change your relationship with food and enable you to really ENJOY a healthier way of eating. You'll learn to follow your natural instincts, avoid guilt and remorse, enjoy the flavours of fresh foods, re-educate your taste buds, and let appetite be your guide rather than your enemy. The seminar is a One-to-One private appointment lasting approximately 6 hours and will be held via video link using software called VSee (which we will provide).
There are no scare tactics and eating less will not feel like deprivation; quite the opposite in fact - you will feel much happier.
The Easy Way method removes your psychological dependence on comfort eating and junk food, setting you free to live as you choose.

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