Further it’s well known to everyone that 30 – 45 mins day work out not only would make you look better and also make you feel better. Catch up with extra sleep if you can this would make you feel fresh and give you extra energy to push harder.
Another inclusion to your regime is habit of drinking lot of water especially minimum 4 liters a day nothing like if it can be extended to 6 liters. If after reading this, you STILL want to try one of those quickest ways to lose weight, then weight loss is not your biggest problem. Be it a certain occasion and they would like to drop kilos quickly to get into their sexy dress.
Don’t go for crash diet wherein you completely remove calorie intake from your meals or starve when you are hungry.

Drink plenty of water. Without water, your liver and kidneys can’t release toxins and are forced to store them – guess where – in FAT cells.
Eat 5-6 small, healthy meals per day. Don’t bust your caloric budget, but eat meals balanced with protein, carbs and healthy fat several times a day. Create a 15-25% calorie deficit. This will allow you to lose weight slowly but surely, while preserving muscles mass and your metabolism. Avoid sugar, processed food, chemicals, simple carbs. These just gunk up your organs and encourage fat storage. The whole point is whenever you can exercise or do some activity such as walking or climbing. These would lead to adverse effect, no doubt you would lose weight but at the same time you would turn weak.

It raises your metabolism naturally and – here it is – gives your body what it actually needs! The good news is you can achieve a dream body quickly if you follow a certain regime strictly. The whole idea of speedy weight loss is at the end of achieving your goal you should feel fresh and look young and sexy, isn’t it.

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