Audrey Hepburn learned the greatest secret of a blissful life – being happy is all that matters.
Femininity and attractiveness are way above outer appearances; magnetic andĀ irresistibleĀ feminine charms take their beginnings inside the heart.
The actress acknowledged the power of a good laugh, she knew that giggling and merriment can even cure diseases. This quote reflects the true beauty, feminine, charming and lady-like attitude of the legend-actress. The tattoos are amazing pieces of arts, with lots of abstract drawings and hidden meanings.
While tattoos for girls are considered to be the cool thing among the teenagers especially, they are not considered to be a good thing in formal gatherings. No matter how capable and fit you are for the job, and no matter how confidently you answer the questions asked in the interview, if the interviewer sees a tattoo anywhere on your body, it will turn him off badly.
If you are a girl who is about to get married, you should consider hiding your tattoo as it might not look good with the embellished traditional clothes you would wear. Now that you know the occasions where you should not go with your tattoos on, let us tell you some easy and simple tips to hide your tattoos. While trying to conceal your tattoos through a makeup, make sure the concealer you choose is of the right color.
To hide the tattoos even more through tattoo cover up makeup, you should also apply some powder on the tattoos with a brush.
There are many specialized tattoo concealers available in the market, which are specifically designed to hide your tattoos well. Only a person who believes in miracles can live them, only a girl who is happy can be truly pretty!

Audrey Hepburn, knew that the true beauty comes from within and that, nothing compares to the kind and loving attitude of heart. The actress gave us simple, yet powerful example of how go-getters, risk takers and achievers act. Believer in non-existence of impossibilities, Audrey Hepburn could achieve such level of success that her name, even up until now, is vividly remembered and admired. If you want to have beautiful eyes – nourish your soul with kindness, love and generosity. Audrey Hepburn was, and still is, a truly shining star of elegance, kindness, beauty and tremendous success!
You would see enthusiastic teenagers getting their bodies tattooed to make them appear cooler in front of their friends. They look attractive on some people because of the beauty of the intricate designs that are there in the tattoos. So your friends at a party might appreciate the delicate designs and patterns of your tattoos, but professionals at a formal gathering might attach certain labels on you because of having a tattoo on your hands or bodies.
This is because the person who has a tattoo is often considered to be a reckless person who may not be serious with his life and work. A tattoo can sometimes destroy the sweet, shy bridal look of a bride, especially if it is big and visible. You would have frequently seen your favorite actors with a tattoo in the movies, but in formal occasions, there tattoos are perfectly hidden. It should suit your skin type and color and should be able to hide your tattoo with perfection. This is because a low quality makeup kit can make your skin appear darker after a while, worsening your situation even more.

This is to ensure that the tattoo remains hidden until at least you are back from your formal parties, occasions and interviews.
You too would have experienced a sudden urge to get your skin tattooed once in your teenage years. While you can always turn heads with your tattoos, there are a few occasions where your tattoos are a complete no-no. It is at these times that you need the help of tattoo cover up makeup to hide the beautiful designs for a while in a formal gathering. Although it is just a label which might not be true in most of the cases, you need to hide your tattoos anyway if you want the job.
While tattoos on the hands can easily be hidden by wearing long sleeves, a tattoo on the neck, for example, will not look good on you as a bride. If you decide to go with a completely off color which is hiding your tattoo well but does not go with your skin color, you will end up having a dual toned make up. If you cannot use the tattoo cover up makeup for some reason, you must always try to hide your tattoos through your clothes or something otherwise you will not be able to succeed in your jobs. The tattooed part of your body will look artificial as the concealer will not match your skin color.

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