So many times when a special occasion is round the corner, we realize how good it would have been if we were just a few inches slimmer. We ransack all the stores only to get one dress that would hide all the unmated flab on our body. This is the exact moment when one is struck with a new ambition that of losing body fat as quickly as possible. Eat more dairy: Research has proven that people who take at least about 3 to 4 servings of low fat dairy throughout the day, burn 70 percent more fat than those on a low dairy diet. Eat protein: While an overdose of protein is a bad idea, having it in reasonable amounts will only help you to burn more proteins and lose that extra fat from the body.

The best way to take advantage from protein intake is including it in small amounts in every meal. Our digestive system uses more energy to break down proteins than any other nutrients, revving up the rate of metabolism. It also increases your resting metabolism, which refers to the calories you burn while sitting, or when the body is not in motion. One major reason for this could be an under-active thyroid gland, or what we generally call as hypothyroidism.

Thyroid is the gland that controls the metabolism of the body, so if your body is showing the inability to lose weight, it’s time for a thyroid test.

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