1natynat3Eating a Plant-Based DietOur generation is consuming more animal products than ever before. Description Additional InformationProduct DescriptionThe Original Healthy Juicer Manual: Most people know about the extensive health benefits of juicing, but nobody enjoys the process of setting up the juicer and worst of all, cleaning up afterwards.
Founded in 2003 the Healthy Juicer company now boasts over 800 retailers around the United States and distribution in over 5 countries proving our commitment to quality and juice yield! Features: Juices Wheatgrass, Kale, Spinach, Collard Greens, Chard, Parsley, Lettuce – anything leafy! Compact, Lightweight, Portable Wheatgrass and Leafy Green Juicer – Superb for travel! Features Both a Suction Base (up to 100-Pounds of pressure) PLUS a stainless steel table clamp to affix to ANY surface!
Live-Enzyme Juicing utilizing the cold-press masticating process The Healthy Juicer literally takes minutes to disassemble and clean. No metal cutting screens that have hundreds of tiny holes to clog up and must be scrubbed with a brush over and over again.

All of the excess waste pulp is neatly expelled out the front of the end cap into a separate bowl for easy disposal. Durable stainless steel inserts on the end cap and tip of the auger where the most force on the crushing is exerted will last a lifetime without wearing out. The patented suction base is rated at over 100lbs of force and securely attaches to any smooth kitchen counter or table.
We are confident in our product and maybe that is why for over 10 years our customers have kept us going and growing!
DEVELOPED BY PEOPLE WHO JUICE: We developed the Healthy Juicer because we were tired of the super expensive electric juicers and cheap-o manual juicers out there!
After trying one of those, 10 years ago, we set out to make a high quality unit that ACTUALLY WORKS and doesn’t break! In consultation with an industrial engineer we brought to market the highest quality and best manual juicer on the planet.
DESIGNED FOR EASY CLEANING AND EASE OF USE: We realized early on in development that ease of clean and effectiveness were the two most important things.

Give the Healthy Juicer a week of use and you will get to our promised “30-Second Cleanup” mark! GET HEALTHY AND STAY HEALTHY: Nothing can replace daily activity and an overall great diet, but with the manual Healthy Juicer you can finally start feeling *amazing*. Juicing vegetables and wheatgrass allows you to consume an optimal amount of vegetables in an efficient manner. If you are a carb type, you should eat one pound of raw vegetables per 50 pounds of body weight per day. Featured Articles How to get rid of Dandruff naturally with Tea Tree Oil 7 Excellent Health Benefits of Kale + How to add Kale to your Diet Health Benefits of Elderberries and How to make Elderberry Syrup Top Health Benefits of Maca Haven’t joined us yet?

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