Raspberry ketones may have some interesting effects: 'Anti-obese action of raspberry ketone'. But this study makes me think twice, since it appears raspberry ketones have anti-androgenic effects. What people want to know is basically how fattening alcohol is, how it affects protein synthesis, how to make it work with their diet, and what drinks to go for at the club.I think this is very good topic to cover today, since we're right in the middle of summer and all, because most people involved in the fitness and health game tend to miss out on a lot of fun due to avoiding alcohol. I know a lot of peeps who'd rather stay home and manage their diet than go out and have a few drinks.
However, where these findings might be relevant is in the context of RK supplements, which provide anywhere between 100 mg and 500 mg (!) of RK per capsule.Here's a treat I eat on a daily basis.
Read the mags or listen to the "experts" and you'll soon be believing that a few drinks will make your muscles fall off, make you impotent, and leave you with a big gut.
No big surprise when we're dealing with the alarmist fitness mainstream that can't seem to put things in the right perspective if their life depended on it.This is a definitive primer on the effects of alcohol on all things someone interested in optimizing body composition might be interested in. This debate has been spurred on by the fact that drinkers weigh less than non-drinkers and studies showing accelerated weight loss when fat and carbs are exchanged for an equivalent amount of calories from alcohol. The connection between a lower body weight and moderate alcohol consumption is particularly strong among women.
A low morning peak in cortisol is why some people feel sluggish after waking and short term effects of cortisol administration, via dexemathasone, elevates mood, increases leptin and provides performance enhancing effects (glucocorticoids such as prednisone and dexamethasone are on the World Anti Doping Agency's list of banned substances).
In men it's either neutral or weak, but it's there.How can this be explained, considering that alcohol is a close second to dietary fat in terms of energy density per gram?
This makes the TEF of alcohol a close second to protein (20-35% depending on amino acid composition).

All the positive effects are basically reversed (mood is depressed, leptin is decreased, etc). The heightened thermogenesis resulting from alcohol intake is partly mediated by catecholamines.Is higher TEF a reasonable explanation for lower body fat percentage in regular drinkers?
I've had some crappy workouts under "ideal" conditions and some great ones under the worst possible conditions. And vice versa, of course.Knowledge-based work and overeatingThis was originally a comment on Lyle's article. Maybe we'll see people juicing up on aspirin soon"Comment: An undesirable side-effect of NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug) is inhibition of prostanglandin synthesis, which results in impaired bone formation. Needless to say, taking NSAIDs in conjunction with weight training is something you'd want to avoid.
However, animal studies have previously shown that this effect only occurs when NSAIDs are taken prior to mechanical loading. So post-workout ibuprofen intake basically increased bone formation by 500% compared to placebo, which is pretty crazy.What's the explanation here?
The researchers speculate that ibuprofen may protect against, or dampen, the surge in inflammatory cytokines which occur post-workout. The only thing I change is expanding the repetition interval.I typically use a double progression model where the load is increased when x reps are performed.
So for a male, I might tell them to increase the weight by 2.5% or 5 lbs when 8 reps are performed. This usually translates to 5 lbs in most movements, except deadlifts and squats, since 5 lbs is the bare minimum in terms of plates available.For women, an increase of 5 lbs usually translates to an increase in 5% load or more, which results in a drop off of more reps.

Loss of 2-3 rep, assuming strength is unchanged.I tend to stick to the 6-8 rep range for most - not all - upper body movements. If I would have used the same rep range for women, they'd sometimes hit 5 reps or less when increasing the load, which is why I expand the range. For example, going from 20 lbs dumbbells to 22 lbs dumbbells would equate a 10% increase in load and the loss of 4 reps or more.
In such cases, I use a 6-10 rep range.You can bet my client Jennifer didn't do any pump-and-tone bullshit in her glute-specialization routine. BCAAs, and particularly leucine, are the amino acids most intimately involved in controlling muscle protein synthesis. Speaking of nuts, they're probably the most overrated food deemed "healthy" by the mainstream.
I talked about this in "Scorch through your fat loss plateau".As you can see, plant protein doesn't rank very high in terms of BCAA content. Meaning that, in order to get the same effect, you'd have to eat more total protein to reach the same BCAA content than a non-vegetarian diet. Unless you're planning on consuming tons of soy protein (which might have adverse effects).Now, for a ovo-lacto vegetarian with a decent base of nutritional knowledge it wouldn't be too hard to get quality protein by adding a lot of cottage cheese, egg protein and even whey protein. It's not that I believe high protein intakes beyond a certain point leads to improved muscle growth, but rather due to the effects on satiety and metabolism (via TEF).

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