This delicious soup will speed up your metabolism, give you more energy, vitamins and will help you for weight loss.
Slice and put the vegetables into the water A and cook them until they soft (about 10 minutes). This vegetable beef barley soup recipe is an easy but slow cooker beef and barley soup recipe.
Diabetes Appropriate, Low Calorie, Low Saturated Fat, Heart Healthy, Healthy Weight, Low Carbohydrates, Low Sodium, Dairy Free.
If you like it spicy: 1 chilli pepper seeded and chopped and 3 cloves of garlic peeled and chopped. This is a special plan for those of you who have a€?VEGGIE PROBLEMSa€? which unfortunately I had. I today eat more vegetables in a week than I previously ate in two months, and they are of a greater variety.

I will not bore you with the details of my dining experiments but give you the final recipe I presently follow on my a€?soupa€? day. The dislike of vegetables probably was the major factor in my being overweight and sluggish. By walking ten miles a week plus two rounds of golf plus a day or two at the gym I was able to maintain a good weight condition.
If I didna€™t feel like a salad prior to my meal sometimes I would replace it with vegetable soup. Although scientific studies exclaim the benefits of eating various vegetables and I agreed with their conclusions, I still found it difficult to bring them into my regular diet. However as I aged, knee problems caused me to discontinue walking more than a few blocks with great difficulty doing steps. My weight started creeping up and I found myself forty pounds over my desired and normal weight.

I personally believe some muscle strengthening exercises also help maintain good bone densities.
How could I possibly not only greatly increase my vegetable intake but actually enjoy them? I add these additional veggies to the soup and further season the soup with either Peppercorn Medley or Italian Herb (McCormick) seasonings. This meal, loaded with vegetables that have had their tastes overcome by the flavor loaded soup, provides plenty for both my lunch and dinner meals. I will have this meal two or three times a week generally taking in less than 1200 calories on those days.

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