Those practicing a full vegan lifestyle endeavour to live lives which do not cause any suffering at to animals, or exploit animals in any way.
Includes fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds, grains, and sea vegetables, eaten whole or processed by juicing or dehydrating. Fruitarians live on nuts, fruits and flowers which can be harvested without causing damage to the plant. The Vegetarian Eatwell Plate is a great way to find out whether you are eating a balanced, well planned diet. The plate shows each food group, protein, carbohydrates, fats and fruit & vegetables as a proportion of a balanced diet. We want to be able to give our customers exactly the kind of information and service they want. While some vegetarians desire this lifestyle with hopes of increasing the quality of their life - as well as their life span, others may choose a vegetarian diet in an effort to preserve animal life. One would assume that the Vegetarian Food Pyramid contains all the blocks of the standard food pyramid - minus meats - but not so, because there are many types of vegetarians. However, they can use a modified version of the pyramid guide to assist in meal planning and to meet the dietary needs of the body. When one decides to enter the world of vegan, they should obtain the nutritional knowledge relating to this way of life or they may encounter mild to severe health issues. One of the stricter lifestyle forms in the world of vegetarians; these individuals exist on fruit and fruit-like vegetables, seeds and nuts.

A variety of fresh vegetables and fruits should be part of the eating plan - and the closer they are to their raw state, the more concentrated the levels of essential vitamins and nutrients.
Vegetables and fruits should contain a well of colors; leafy greens, orange and yellow vegetables and servings from the citrus group for essential immunity boosting Vitamin C intake. THE HULK: Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss, Glowing Skin, Energy & Health!
Lose Weight Without Dieting HD Back Massage with Relaxing Music & Soft Spoken Voice Intense Abs Challenge for Men & Women! Ovo Vegetarian: Ovo-vegetarians do not eat red or white meat, fish, fowl or dairy products. Lacto-ovo vegetarian: Lacto-ovo vegetarians do not consume red meat, white meat, fish or fowl. Pescatarian (Pescetarian): While technically not a type of vegetarian, these individuals do restrict their meat consumption to fish and seafood only.
According to nutritionists, a healthy diet should contain all the essential nutrients in adequate amounts to prevent both excess and nutritional deficiencies. The study tracked 11,125 people over 12 years and adjusted for smoking and socio-economic status. It has been demonstrated that vegetarian and vegan diets can meet the nutritional needs for people of all ages.
It is suitable for everyone except children under two years of age, who have different nutritional requirements.

Instead, choose foods that are rich in unsaturated fat, such as vegetable oils (including sunflower, rapeseed and olive oil), avocados, nuts and seeds. This group will have an easier task in ensuring that all of the vital nutrients of the body are met. These folks do their best to limit meat intake as much as possible and they have an almost entirely plant-based diet. Plant foods contain antioxidants and a variety of phytochemicals that protect against disease. This is not technically considered a “vegetarian” diet, but we commend the effort! Eggs and milk - as well as milk products are good sources for protein needs as well as other essential nutrients as long as the choices are low in dietary fat - and eggs are not consumed in excess.
When all animal products are avoided, the individual may be lacking a Vitamin B-12 food source. Vegans do not use honey or beeswax, gelatin and any other animal by-product ingredients or products.

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