The company is now the largest exporter of knitted garments in Ludhiana - the textile hub of India. Today we are one of the India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of knitted garments with over Rs.
Our Headquarter is located in Ludhiana, which is only 300 kms from Delhi (Capital of India) and is well connected by rail and road. Venus Garments (India) Limited stands for reliability and quality in services as well as products.
The royal manufactory at Sevres specialised in luxury porcelains, many of which were destined for the French court.

This figure group is one of Vincennes' earliest productions, probably made before the introduction of biscuit porcelain for sculptural work in 1751.
In 1756 it was transferred to Sevres, the other side of Paris, and shortly after was bought by Louis XV. Our single-minded commitment to quality is reflected in our reputed clientele that has been with us over a period of time. The support and protection of the king and his mistress, Madame de Pompadour, enabled it to secure the best artists, sculptors, designers and chemists.
The factory was very responsive to changes in fashion and introduced many innovations in design and decoration.

Like other 'soft-pastes' (imitation porcelains), this was made with a variety of ingredients other than kaolin and china stone. With his vision and abilities Venus Garments (India) Limited has grown into a reputed 3 Star Export House within a short span & competes with the best in the world. These includes sand, saltpetre and alabaster, which could be fused together for up to 50 hours, ground up for about three weeks, dried and crushed again, before being mixed with clay.

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