The Villas are a 2 hr drive from Bangkok, and are situated 14 Km inland from Hua Hin centre.
Meet Adnan Sami, the singer-music poser, whose extraordinary transformation is the stuff that inspiring stories are made of. Even though, generally the diets vlcc weight loss program dubai offered by dieticians are ized. The Grove Villas are situated 14 Km from Hua Hin centre and just 3 kms from the renowned Black Mountain Golf Course close. He lost a whopping 130 kilos in a span of one year a feat that few can imagine, leave alone achieve.But people are geically different and that is also true for their eating habits. With excellent road connections to Bangkok, as well as south to Phuket, it is a location easily reachable from any direction.

Five star facilities such as the Golf Course, Water Park & Wakeboard park lie just 3Km away at the world renound Black Mountain Resort.
Facilities such as the water park & wakeboard park lie just a stones throw away at the beautiful Black Mountain Resort. So, whenever I had those cravings, I grabbed these things and they helped me pull along the initial stages.

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