TweetIt seems like figuring out how to lose thigh fat fast should be easy… Doesn’t it? Maybe you’ve spent some money on diet pills, thigh wraps, creams, lotions or some gimmicky gadget. The good news is that you don’t need to purchase any of those treatments to lose your thigh fat. Now the reason why women accumulate more thigh fat then men is because of gender differences. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule but this is the general pattern seen in the population. The good news is that abdominal fat is more dangerous than lower body fat because it secretes toxins in close proximity to vital organs.
Note that keeping your lower back healthy is critical because doing a bunch of thigh toning exercises is very difficult if you’re plagued by aches and pains. Without a doubt, the best type of exercise modality for losing your thigh fat will be resistance training.
Also, resistance training is the most efficient type of exercise you can do because it can force your body to burn extra calories for days after your workout.
And burning calories is your top priority here because calories ultimately control fat loss.
Now to create the highest caloric burn possible, you should be doing series of resistance training circuits that target all the major muscles in your body. This is one of the main reasons why so many women fail to lose their thigh fat – because they only do exercises for their thighs! Ok, so you’re convinced that doing a combination of total body exercises and specialized thigh toning exercises is the way to go.
Follow this simple rule: do 2-3 resistance training workouts per week with 1-2 days of rest in between. Hold On A Second – You Just Want To Learn How To Lose Thigh Fat, Not Turn Into a Sheman!

Ironically, lean muscle tissues occupies very little space, but burns lots of calories which accelerates fat loss. In other words, having a little lean muscle (low volume tissue) can help you get rid of a lot of fat (high volume tissue) and get skinnier thighs faster.
Now if you are still paranoid about gaining copious amounts of muscle, just make sure that all of your exercise sets are above fifteen repetitions. That’s right, as long as you are eating less calories than you burn, you will slim down your lower body. Of course, blood sugar levels, nutrient load, hormones and all the other variables are important. So what type of diet will put you in a caloric deficit while simultaneously addressing all of these variables?
A balanced diet with so many nutrients that entering a caloric deficit is relatively painless.
Obviously, you can’t restrict calories too much here or you will end up ravenous regardless of nutrient load.
A simple method for controlling caloric intake is too simply control your portion sizes and log the amount of food you eat for a couple weeks. To ensure sufficient nutrient load, simply assemble your meals with the following groups in mind: protein, carbohydrates, fat and vegetables. Best case scenario: running all day can make your thighs smaller, but they will still look flabby and loose. Remember that resistance training is the best exercise modality for losing thigh fat because it addresses all four issues and burns more calories.
The solution is simple, though: do a mix of low, medium and high intensity cardio depending on the level of soreness in your body. Overanalyzing all the different experts and all the different programs will get you nowhere soon. All you need is a specialized exercise and diet program that burns away fat while simultaneously toning the muscles in your thighs.

Otherwise, you will be ill prepared to adjust your routine according to your particular lifestyle. And since there’s nothing special about it, you can burn it off with standard exercise and nutrition principles. You need to follow a specialized approach that is geared towards eliminating thigh fat as quickly as possible. You see, by targeting more muscles you will burn more calories and secrete more fat burning hormones (testosterone + growth hormone). You need to do exercises that target the deep, stabilizing muscles that anchor around the structures in your lower back.
Remember: an injured lower back can singlehandedly ruin your ability to exercise your lower body properly. Most of those female bodybuilders you see are training for hours every day AND injecting themselves with androgenic (male) hormones. At this repetition range, it will be virtually impossible to gain significant amounts of muscle. But the amount of calories you eat will ultimately dictate how much thigh fat you can lose.
Then increase or decrease caloric intake depending on how rapidly you are losing thigh fat. Ignore all the so called experts who claim that high intensity interval cardio is the way to go.
It helps your body recover because of increased blood flow and it burns calories without stressing your system.

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