I've helped over hundreds of people online and offline to be in the best shape of their lives. At least half of my friends works shifts ranging from jobs in the retail, healthcare, airline and food industry. Identifying the problem is the first step in solving anything that is of a bother to you, before you can even attempt to change it. When I know something is bothering me, I usually sit down and brainstorm all the things that are affecting me.
Not having enough sleep therefore my body finds a way to compensate by sleeping in all the time.
Knowing that, we can then zoom in to focus on fixing the problem because the last thing you want to do if you know something is bothering you is trying to fix so many things at one go. Again, preparing this before hand and keeping it in your bag will prevent you from eating something bad. I’ve left this part last for one good reason, because while I believe that exercise can bring so many awesome benefits to your body and life in general, for shift workers, your priority is to really get your health in the right page first.
I love putting things I write into perspective so let’s make a real-life example out of this shall we? While she’s not perfect in health and fitness, Mary constantly tries to change her lifestyle to make it better. Again, this article is massive and while I did provide some tips on how to make your life that tad bit better as a shift worker, I’d love to give you some specific instructions on how you can really, put it into your life.
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A new research has explained that people who work in the night shifts are likely to burn less energy during a 24-hour period as compared to those who work on a normal schedule which ultimately increases their risk for weight gain and obesity. The lack of sleep, constantly adjusting to different environments and dealing with rotating rosters that is NEVER consistent can lead to a higher levels of stress, body fat and battles with weight and eating issues. Thankfully, there are ways to steer away from suffering in declining health if you work shifts. I’ve spoke about willpower some time ago but trying to change so many things at one go has been shown to exhaust your willpower.

Maintain consistent sleeping hours. Studies has shown that sleeping at the same time every night can benefit you but for regular rotating shift workers who works a combination of morning, afternoon and night shifts, this is not possible.
Once you’ve done that, repeat the process until sleeping ten mins earlier becomes second nature.
Yes I understand, there is nothing more convenient than runningto your closest vending machine, inserting a dollar bill or two and out comes the bar of snickers. Have a low carbohydrate (and sugar) but a high fat and protein snack when you’re hungry.
Finally, get your workout in as soon as you wake up no matter what shift you’re working.
One thing for sure, planning your days around your shifts can better prepare you to eat better, sleep better and move better. If you’ve been here for a while, you probably know that I love doing things one at a time. If you’re going to work shifts for the rest of your life, might as well start developing healthier habits now.
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Because of that, they have troubles choosing foods that are nutritious to eat and fitting in a regular schedule of exercise. This will require some patience and practice but as long as you never give up, it will actually work out pretty sweet. Nothing annoys a lot of people more than trying to fall asleep with bright lights and some noisy construction works going around.
A 2013 study in Applied Ergonomics has shown that using your smartphones and tablets two hours before sleeping time can disrupt the quality of your sleep.
I have to admit, I have a bad rep of eating too fast that sometimes I’ll leave the table feeling unsatisfied.
Changing your nutrition and sleeping habits can already be demanding so if you’re not exercising at all right now, build up the volume of your workouts. People tell me they like doing this because it gives their brain no time to figure out other excuses to not exercise. And when I say that I mean I focus on one thing and repeat it every day enough to make it a habit so it happens even when I don’t even think about it.

Some shift workers on the other hand do not know how to fit in exercise, but they can sleep alright no matter what time of the day. Doing so puts your brain in a better position to think clearly and most importantly, find the root of the problem. Maintaining the same number of hours every single time is better than sleeping nine hours one day, five hours another day and then six hours the next. As a serial napper, and I do that every single day I can actually sneak in a nap, it’s interesting to see how much nap can affect your body.
The point here is to give signals to your body that it’s dark, and quiet, mimicking closely the night time environment.
What I mean by that is start at ten mins per day four times a week and then slowly increase it to 20, 30 and even more minutes. I love making new things, brainstorming ideas on how to make Lego dumbbells and creating epic adventures.
Turns out that a 90 min nap is the most ideal amount to help you improve your focus and improve brain function.
Unless of course, like me, sleeping anywhere and no matter how loud your neighbours are is perfectly fine. It simply means cooking in bulk, storing in tupperwares and then into the fridge or freezer and then have ready to eat meals when you’re out and about. Even a simple walk can make a difference so just get out there, get a breath of fresh air and get some physical activity in. Finishing off with 4 night shifts, followed by three days off before going back to morning shifts. Knowing you have a meal in your bag will reduce your chance of grabbing something greasy, loaded with sugar and sodium and most importantly eat something that nourishes your body even in the wee hours. Instead of going for high carbs snacks, think chocolates and chips, here are some snack ideas you can prepare before hand. I have 7 of them in one of my previous posts where you can read here so get inspired and get started.

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