High street chemist Boots have always been at the forefront at any new developments connected to diet and weight loss. When Alli Orlistat was first introduced to the UK it was Boots that were quite possibly the first to stock. Recently new EU regulations (that have have effected not only the UK but most of mainland Europe) have seen several products disappear or removed from the shelves of many high street chemists. Although the new ruling is seen by many diet industry specialists and experts as an invasion of the freedom of choice, we do not necessarily view this as a bad move. What the new ruling means in laymans terms is that the claims made by weight loss and diet products have to be substantiated or at least have some level of believability.
Basically  a fat binder that is designed to stop a portion of fat from being digested by your stomach.

Made from a natural plant source, Fat Control can bind with some of the fat content from your food to form a gelatinous mass making it too large to be digested. If there is one certainty in life it is the fact Boots will have checked a product thoroughly for any potential health issues before putting their name to it. Fat Control to date is free from side effects although Boots do offer several caveats as a preventative measure. Anything that Boots has put its name to should be given respect and should not be ruled out lightly. Diet Advisor offers consumer advice about weight loss, diet and slimming and the various products that are available to either buy or obtain via prescription. This gelatinous mass can pass freely through your system and exit when you go to the toilet.

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