She will lose weight that's for sure, and may it well be a lot of weight, quickly, but it will be a mixture of muscle, water and fat. The woman with toned arms and defined legs looks that way because she has the very thing most women are terrified of, muscle. What women should be doing as a priority, is hitting the weight room and get on a full bodied strength training program 2-4 times per week. Once your weight training is in order, additional cardio can then be added to burn off any additional calories and add some variety which may help in preventing muscular adaptation and progress plateus. In contrary to what most women believe, the first and foremost aim for fat loss is to build lean muscle tissue. According to Charles Poliquin, the world renowed Strength coach, in his thirty years of experience as a strength coach, for every kilo of lean tissue gained, there was an equal loss of weight in body fat. If you've not made much progress in your body transformation thus far or you're new to this and about to take the plunge, I hope you've gained something out of this.
As a female, it can be hard dealing with weight issues and the stigma that goes along with it.
Recently, I came across a new program called The Venus Factor by John Barban, which aims at increasing the female metabolism.
Researchers have discovered that there is one major hormone that is responsible for weight loss. Bascially, Leptin regulates your body weight, metabolism, and hunger levels which means it plays a big roll in your body weight.
There are two main reasons that explain why the Leptin hormone in women is not as effective as in men. The Venus Factor allows your body to achieve “metablic override” so that your Leptin can perform unhindered. After purchase, you will get access to a full time virtual nutritionist to help build a meal plan for the next twelve weeks (3 months).

The program had been estimated at $698.88 but is currently being cold for only $47 dollars. Join Our Mailing ListSubscribe today and start receiving tips on muscle building and fitness.
The average woman when she joins the gym looks at how many threadmills and steppers there are, and check out if any classes fit into her schedule. She will be a smaller version of herself but her metabolism would be severely disrupted and there nothing she can do to maintain her new weight.
They are so afraid to lift weights in fear of bulking up that they never get their bodies to look the way they want them to.
This will not only blast every muscle in your body but you'll also get the cardio effect as a bonus without spending countless of boring hours on the threadmill or stepper! Muscle tissue is metabolically active which means that the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn at rest. The first is “Leptin Resistance” which means even though your body is producing the hormone, you are not getting the effects caused by it.
The best part about this method is that you do not have to cut out any of your favorite foods.
Inevitably she will eventually put all her weight back on and in many cases, even more weight than before. They have it deeply seeded in their subconscious that as soon as they touch anything over 10 pounds, they will sprout humungous muscles! Stick with high weight and low reps, compound exercises with short rest periods, keeping the intensity high, to stimulate lean muscle growth and you're on your way to getting the beach toned body you've always dreamed of! For example, a female executive with a 60 kg bodyweight with 20 % body fat has 12 kg of fat.
I prefer to do things naturally for personal reasons but another benefit is you save tons of money by not having to continually renew your supply.

The second factor is that when on diets your leptin levels drop which end up causing your metabolism to shut down and stop burning fat. If you are skeptical at all, there is a 60 day money back guarantee meaning that you can get two thirds into the system and if you are not seeing results you can get a 100% refund of your money. If you look at all the women on the threadmills you will notice that hardly any of the women have the body that most women want. Even if they do use weights, they probably still aren't lifting heavy enough and pushing themselves hard enough to get the look they want.
If, in 10 weeks, she gains 4 kg of muscle mass and loses 4 kg of fat, her body fat will now be 13%.
This doesn’t mean that you can sit on the couch and lose weight but what it does mean is that you will be able to lose more weight than normal when doing workouts. Yet, when they want to lose weight, they will do it all again hoping that they'll keep it off this time. Most women don't know what their bodies are capable of and tend to not push themselves hard enough. This prevents diabetes and makes you body more effective in controlling insulin release which is key in minimizing your body's ability to convert excessive carbohydrate intake into fat storage. With these body composition changes, not only will she feel more empowered, but her body will look fantastic! There was actually a research study done on this where they showed that women when left to train on their own, lifted loads below what they were capable of. Basically, more of what you eat is less likely to be converted to fat, the more muscle you have!

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