Congratulations To Our Winners- Richard Woollen from Tobaccoville, NC, Carl Williams from Coweta, Oklahoma, Sharon Heynez from Naperville, IL, Rostam Arbab from Coquitlam BC, Lois Hassell from Eagle Mountain, Greg Castleman from Millersville, Pa, Guillermo Resendiz from Cedar Hills Texas, Jason Tupper from Poland, ME, Von Phanthala, from Orlando, FL, Cynthia J Wood from Alexandria Virginia, Justin Fitzsimons from London ON, Gregory j.
If you simply want to determine percent of body weight lost if you reach your goal weight, use the calculator on the right. This means our calculator takes your beginning contest weight and tells you the percentage of body weight you’ll lose if your goal weight is met.
Our Weight Loss Calculator helps you to establish realistic time-lines for your weight loss goals. In a hurry to lose weight within a certain time period for a wedding, special occasion, etc.? This calculator will estimate your daily calorie requirements for losing, maintaining or even gaining weight within a set time frame.
For your convenience, the Weight Loss Calculator also converts pounds to kilos, inches to centimeters, and vice versa.

To use the weight loss calculator, enter your details including the desired amount of weight you wish to lose and the time-frame (in days) in which you would like to lose that excess weight.
Although our genes control the number of fat cells we have, this is not the only factor in Weight management. MB Free Ideal Body Weight Calculator is an interesting health software with a simple to use interface. Formol - a simple command-line molar Weight Calculator that understand the chemical notations.
Weight loss Calculator measures body mass index based on your Weight and height and is used as a relative measure of your health.
Ovulation Calendar Calculator calculates your personal ovulation calendar to help you achieve pregnancy or to avoid it. A collection of the 12 most popular (and widely used) fitness, Weight loss and exercise Calculators.

The My Ideal Weight app is a great tool to determine if your body is in a healthy shape, based on your build and height.
Moses from Friday harbor WA, Bari Smith from Temecula CA, Derek Dickard from Dalton Georgia, Kevin E. Operation is simple -- just enter the formula for the molecule, and the molecular Weight will be displayed.

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