The program takes you through four easy to follow phases using pre-packaged gourmet foods that will bring your weight down, maintain lean muscle mass, and enable you to make satisfying and healthy meal choices for a lifetime. Displayed below are descriptions and several excerpts from actual pages of our Virtual Clinic. The Virtual Clinic includes a comprehensive series of behavior modification lessons designed to help you make healthy changes to your lifestyle. The Online Store offers quality products to help with cravings and enhance your weight loss, including our Medical Weight Loss Clinic Nutrients! When you enroll in a Medical Weight Loss Clinic program, your actual weight loss will be determined by many factors, including, but not limited to: adherence to the meal plan and use of nutritional supplements.
The use of HCG in the treatment of obesity was first developed by the late British Physician, Dr.
Contributing factors to weight loss while taking HCG include; spares lean muscle mass, elevated hormone levels resulting in an increased metabolism and stimulates the hypothalamus in the brain to release abnormal fat reserves.
We feel it’s imperative to educate our patients on how to lose weight safely while on a restricted calorie weight loss plan such as The HCG Diet. If you're one of the 50 million Americans who suffer from Arthritis, you know how difficult it can be to live with the painful symptoms. According to the Center for Disease Control, heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States.
Control irritable bowel syndrome with a blend of today's best conventional and alternative therapies. Mayo Clinic, one of the world's top medical centers, and Gaiam, the alternative health and wellness experts, have teamed up to bring you this integrated health action plan designed specifically to help you take control over irritable bowel syndrome. With your purchase of this DVD, receive Mayo Clinic's 52-page guide, My Stress Solution as an added bonus. If randomly asked people on the street about a personal trait they would like to change, weight loss is likely to be high on the list of responses. Ideal Protein is a medically designed program where patients typically see an average of 2 to 5 pounds of weight loss per week. Visit the forum regularly to share your success, seek motivation and get the most out of your membership.
Lessons that focus on exercise, nutrition, and coping with stress, cravings, and other obstacles will give you the necessary tools to lose your weight and keep it off. Satisfying and nutritional, each bar contains 15 grams of soy protein and only 150 calories!
ONLY in the presence of HCG, is the body able to transform abnormal stored fat into 1,500 – 3,000 calories a day to ensure proper nourishment. This program was designed to help you adjust your lifestyle with the goal of lessening symptoms, as well as learn about the avenues open to you for treatment. Although back pain is not life threatening, it makes life enormously difficult for those who suffer from it chronically. There is good news however; making positive lifestyle changes can go a long way towards helping one keep the disease at bay. Given that fact, it's important to arm yourself with information, especially if you have a family history of heart disease, to help you live a long and healthy life. It has no symptoms, there is no specific cause in 90% of the cases and as many as 1 in 3 people suffer from it, many unknowingly.

This valuable booklet contains helpful hints you can follow every day to reduce stress and make your life more enjoyable. This mindset is completely false - menopause is simply a natural transition period in a woman's life. As people age, they often pack on a few extra, unwanted pounds, and find themselves uncertain of how to shed them. Or would you rather spend your time focused on other parts of your life while maintaining a successful weight loss program? If you’re looking to lose weight but don’t want to spend all your time in the kitchen or scanning restaurant menus with a calorie-counting app, the Ideal Protein Program may be ideal for you.
The Medical Weight Loss Clinic staff are consistently monitoring the site, looking for ways to improve and enhance your online experience.
Our Virtual Clinic counselors monitor the forum daily, offering encouragement, suggestions or responding to your specific questions. Available in a wide variety of delicious flavors of desserts, drinks, soups and snack bars, the nutrients also help reduce boredom and cheating on your program.
Attempting weight loss through a calorie restricted diet alone would cause the loss of lean muscle tissue, followed by protective visceral fat. By taking an integrative approach to dealing with the pain, which includes the use of exercise, healing practices and proper diet, back pain can become less frequent and much more manageable. This program from Gaiam's "Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions" series will give you then information you need to make informed decisions on diet, exercise and disease management. While the exact cause of fibromyalgia is unknown, there are ways to lessen the uncomfortable nature of the condition, and help one to live a healthier, less painful existence. Luckily, if it has been determined that you have blood pressure, management of the condition can be made easy with some healthy lifestyle changes. Poor sleep can also exasperate mood disorders, cause health problems and even be a danger to others, when that person gets behind the wheel of a car. For best control, take advantage of both conventional medical approaches and alternative health options. In this opening segment of the video, you'll meet Mayo Clinic doctors who share the latest medical knowledge about irritable bowel syndrome, what causes it, specific triggers that can produce painful flare-ups and strategies for managing the condition through a combination of conventional and alternative therapies.
And if you order today, also instantly receive Healthy Weight for Life as a FREE downloadable bonus gift!
With this program in the Mayo Clinic's line of healthy living DVDs, viewers will get the opportunity to learn about the changes in the body that take place during menopause, as well as how to deal with the changes.
Though the simplistic adage of "burn more calories than you intake" summarizes the solution in broad strokes, doctors Donald Hensrud, M.D. Our goal is for you to learn how to manage your weight through eating real whole foods, daily physical activity and behavior modification. This edition in Gaiam's "Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions" series assists viewers in gaining a better understanding of what fibromyalgia is and how to better deal with the effects. This DVD from Gaiam's collaborative "Mayo Clinic" series is an ideal resource for helping you change your life to adapt to the condition. Rodney guides you through a series of simple, restorative yoga and stress-relieving meditation routines that are sure to bring new vitality to your life. Get guidance and motivation from Mayo Clinic health professionals to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

The program features advice from medical doctors on diet, exercise and the importance of managing stress in your life. On this program from the "Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions" series, viewers will learn of different lifestyle changes that can be implemented to improve sleep patterns. These movements are designed to help you reduce the stress and tension that often lead to IBS episodes. Shuster and Richa Sood offer balanced advice on topics like the pros and cons of taking estrogen, the types of medication that can be used to ease discomfort, how to keep post-menopausal weight gain in check, surgical menopause (for those who have experienced a hysterectomy) and the stages of menopause. Additional segments include a trip to the grocery store, where you will learn which foods are good for keeping blood pressure in check and which aisles to avoid, a segment on becoming more conscious of your sodium intake and two healing arts sessions from Rodney Yee, one on meditation and the other covering basic yoga postures for relaxation. Hensrud will take you grocery shopping , sharing his insights on how to shop smart and select everyday foods you and your family can enjoy while at the same time promoting better health. This balance enables you to take better control over irritable bowel syndrome and lead a healthier and happier life.
Following this is a nutrition guide for healthy eating and both a meditation and yoga session by Yoga Master Colleen Saidman, who specifically describes how the moves and techniques apply to menopausal women.
The program also includes both a yoga and meditation session tailored to weight loss from Rodney Yee, and a guide to healthy grocery shopping.
Discussed are diet, the importance of having your cholesterol checked, the importance of exercise and an overview of how the heart operates.
You'll also meet a Mayo Clinic dietitian who explains practical, easy food choices that promote weight loss and good digestion, which can help in managing irritable bowel syndrome. Simeons claimed that HCG, combined with a restricted low calorie, nutrient dense diet could reduce abnormal fat reserves.
The DVD also offers a grocery shopping guide for healthy eating, a meditation session with Rodney Yee and a yoga session that specifically targets common pain spots like the fingers, legs, neck and hips.
Rounding out the program is an "action" section, which includes a segment on making strong dietary choices, a meditation session from Rodney Yee and a back-themed yoga session, also from Yee. They also delve into glucose testing, important information about eating choices and controlling sugar intake and how 30 minutes of exercise a day can do wonders for one with the disease. They also cover the warning signs of a heart attack and what to do if you think you might be having one. Also included is a yoga session with Rodney Yee, focusing on postures designed digestion and circulation, and a meditation session (also hosted by Yee). Most of all, they help those suffering from the condition to realize that they have control and can improve their situation. Aside from the informative feature, this DVD also offers a guide to nutritional grocery shopping, a meditation session with Rodney Yee and a yoga session (also with Yee) that covers postures aimed at improving cardiovascular health.
Also included on the program is a guide to smart grocery shopping, a meditation session with Rodney Yee and a yoga session, also from Yee.
The program also features meditation and yoga sessions by Rodney Yee, both specifically geared toward sleep preparation, and a nutritional guide.

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