There is a great difference between the blood type diet and other diets that are currently being used. This means, the fatigue will be less observable, boosts energy, and totally you will feel healthier. The ancestors of blood type A were farmers, which mean those who are on this particular blood type diet needs to eat foods such as fruits, vegetables and an inadequate amount of meats and seafood. For some other blood types whose ancestors are determined as hunter-gatherers must eat a lot of meat, according to the blood type.
Blood type O – This blood type persons can occasionally stick to a high protein diet, fruits and vegetables, and low carbs. You need to avoid wheat and most other grains, corn, and also avoid dairy products and most nuts. Blood type A – This blood type person is completely a vegetarian, and should consume high carbohydrate and low fat diet. You should include some moderate exercises such as swimming and walking in your diet plan.
Blood type AB – Those who have this blood type has most of the benefits and limitations than the types A and B.

Generally this blood type people must consume vegetarian diet, only on rare occasions you can take fish, meat, and dairy products.
Just published, The DASH Diet for Weight Loss (Free Press, 2012) could add to the arsenal of books aimed at the current obesity upsurge, says coauthor Thomas Moore, a School of Medicine professor, associate provost of the Medical Campus, and leader of the multi–medical center team that developed DASH.
Moore wrote a 2002 book about DASH’s blood pressure–lowering effects, but this is the first book about it that’s aimed at dieters seeking trimmer waistlines, he says. Moore says the diet’s strength is conveying all these benefits and controlling weight simultaneously. Thus, your list of wanted foods is not only based on your blood type, but also on your cultural background.
You should consume a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, fish, grains, and dairy products.
One thing very interesting about this blood type diet is that you don’t have to follow the diet 100 percent of the time. The DASH diet, developed in the 1990s and lauded last year as the best overall weight-reduction plan by U.S.
Originally, the team conceived the diet as a way to control high blood pressure, not weight.

But several studies confirmed its effectiveness with weight control, among them a Boston Medical Center review, and last year, U.S. The book also includes comments from patrons of the Dash for Health website developed with the plan.
News & World Report rated DASH more effective on that score than such popular diet plans as Atkins, Jenny Craig, and Slim-Fast. Enrollment in the DASH for Health online program is free to BU staff as an employee benefit. DASH is similar to the Mediterranean diet—which tied for third in the magazine’s rankings—and emphasizes eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, exercising, and avoiding high-fat, high-sugar foods.

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