Due to high air and ether contents, they have a lot of dryness in skin, hair, nails, eyes etc. In one of my Ayurvedic classes, one professor mentioned that now a days people in the west are developing medicines based on these tri-doshas so that they match the genetic constituent of an individual. I think mine dominant is vatta with couple of char from pitta and kapha nice post as always Nidhi! The concept of the 3 Ayurveda body types (tridosha theory) is at the very core of Ayurveda wisdom, giving you effective tools for living - tools that you can apply to every aspect of your life: health, relationships and career. There's an obvious, undeniable parallel between the Ayurveda tridosha system and the three body types described by the Western concept of body typing. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: We reserve the right to pursue unauthorized users of written content and images copied from this website according to DMCA. Because of their sturdiness, Kapha people tend to be the healthiest of the three doshas, including mental health. Most of us are not pure Kaphas, but it is a Kapha way of eating that will help us Vatas and Pittas lose weight (as explained in my recent post).
Ayurveda: Kapha Vata Imbalance - Chronic Low Metabolism - Depression, emotional turmoil, biological clock. By identifying your current imbalances, you've just taken an important step towards clarifying your path to optimal health.
The test you just completed is aimed at measuring how much (if any) each of your doshas is currently increased. These are opposite to each other so when these two Kapha and Vata meet these bring up downs in health.
Nice article actually i was waiting for Kapha article for long time ( coz i belong to this as many points match ) but usually i don feel sleepy n i am early riser so still i belong to this Kapha dosha ???
Get up at 6:45am, have a big glass of warm water either as it is or with 1 tbsp of wheat grass.

The two predominant doshas in your energetic makeup manifest themselves individually, one at a time.
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Kapha is our lubrication in the brain, around the joints, reproductive fluids, and is responsible for building most of our tissues. When your natural ratio of vata, pitta, or kapha deviates from your constitution's unique balance, disturbances begin to manifest in both mind and body. At one time you might have dryness in body while at other moment smoothness might be there. There are two possibilities; either these will balance each other or there will be constant friction between these. I have covered the tridoshas which as much info as I could put.If you want to know anything more, follow with comments, I would love to answer. Because my age is 23 i am getting so much hair fall day to day its not coing to control any suggestions please . However dont limit as a cure for hair fall only, practice it regularly for a holistic well being .Do include suryanamaskar in your routine. I move around on the terrace of my home for 10-15 minutes to warm up myself for a yoga session.
Please don’t draw any strong or definite conclusions based on just these fundamental descriptions. They are generally either too tall or too short with thin frame and poor muscle development. In rare cases, all 3 energies are equally present - if that's your case, you are a tridosha type, more balanced overall, but harder to regain equilibrium when out of balance.1.

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We are whole, complex systems made up of the 5 elements, and many factors will increase or decrease the fire or air or water in, not only our physical bodies, but also our spirit and mentality.
When this occurs, it is important to determine which doshas are most affected so that you can implement the wisdom of Ayurveda to support a return to your natural state of health. Though, based on the following description, you can develop general awareness of what your dosha may be and thus modify your diet, lifestyle accordingly to encourage a regimen that will promote good health. Vata DoshaIf your predominant dosha is Vata (governed by ether, or space & air elements), you are in perpetual movement, like change and manifest lightness, quickness, and flexibility in every aspect of your life.
You may do well on a vegetarian or even vegan diet (plan well or see an experienced vaidya to help you create a balanced meal plan) with most of your meals cooked if your digestion is slow or impaired.
Following that logic, there are a variety of ways to alter our beings (or nudge our doshas towards balance), through rituals, meditation, exercise, surroundings, as well as diet. Today I will outline what Ayurveda prescribes to Vatas to create mental and emotional balance. Pitta DoshaIf your predominant dosha is Pitta (governed by the fire element), you are intense ("hot" - literally), digesting and processing on all levels - from ideas, emotions, and perceptions, to sensations and food. This is the action that we do during calf raise too hence backward running is esp good for the back muscles of the legs.
Kapha DoshaIf your predominant dosha is Kapha (governed by the water & earth elements), you have a denser mass, more structure and stability in all aspects of your life.

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