If you have found yourself floundering in a sea of fad diets, yo-yoing between weight loss and bingeing, cravings and restrictions, it may not be long before you find yourself washed up on the shores of the South Beach diet.
The South Beach Diet is often confused with the Atkins diet, since they both involve stages that restrict certain foods, and then slowly reintroduce them. There are no tiny portions or working out net weights like with the Atkins diet, and if you are a fan of snacking, you can take heart; the South Beach diet encourages it, as long as you are making the right food choices. The answer, he believed, was to be highly selective about the carbohydrates that were consumed, choosing those with a lower glycemic index (GI) over simpler carbs. This diet, given its sensible approach to food, is generally considered safe- it promotes a balanced diet, which is varied in its foods and rich in unsaturated fats, whilst keeping saturated fats to a minimum.
I love the diet because it’s more like sensible eating guide rather than constant deprivation. The diet was initially designed by a cardiologist and Professor of medicine, but rather than a simple quick fix, it aims to change the way you think about food and how you engage with food in everyday life. So, you don’t need to exclude your favorite foods completely, but rather reconsider portion sizes, how often you eat them, and whether there are slightly healthier ingredients which can be switched to replace those which are less healthy options. There are several stages to the diet, including eliminating cravings, steady weight loss and making better food choices. Changing the way you think is an important part of this diet, and your free personal diet profile is an interesting idea. There are a range of tools available, mainly for tracking and monitoring what you eat and how much you exercise. There are more than 1000 recipes to explore and many look simple but tasty, as well as being healthy.
A new range of snacking products, aimed at helping you get through the cravings stage of the diet, is also available. Celebrity diet: Eva Mendes' diet for Weight LossEva Mendes is a faithful follower of the South Beach Diet.
The South Beach Diet consists on maintaining the level of sugar in blood, and allows to lose 4 to 6 lbs per week.
During this phase, consume a normal amount of meat, chicken, turkey, fish and seafood as well as abundant amounts of vegetables, eggs, nuts and cheeses.

Prohibited food: bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, fruits, candies, desserts, cakes, cookies or refined sugar. Celebrity beauty secret by Eva Mendes: hairstyle Sublime hairstyle and happy face are the weapons of Eva Mendes to be happy. Before sleeping, Eva Mendes makes a good cleaning with Balsam-oil from Lancôme Eclat Baume. Eva Mendes in the Cartier 100th Anniversary in America celebration at Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion in New York.
All you need to do now is achieve a steady weight-loss, and you are on the right track to reaching your target weight.
The thinking is that at this stage, you can eat whatever you want, but you will approach food with what you have learnt in mind, and be sensible in your food choices.
The weight has been coming off and staying off and I have a whole new way of eating (it’s not really a diet any more) for the rest of my life!!.
They now produce a range of additive-free snacks to help you during cravings, plus community support if you need it. The online version of this provides additional tools to help you track and monitor your progress.
You can also adapt the diet if you have particular medical or dietary requirements, and when you build your unique diet profile, the system recommends ways in which you can improve on your current eating and exercise behavior.
This brief outline tells you a little about your current body stats, where you might be going wrong and more. These tools are also provided in a free app, which is really useful if you want to record your activities whilst you’re out and about. Additionally, you can follow pre-designed diet plans and can print out shopping lists to take to the grocery store, saving you from having to calculate all the weights for yourself.
Whilst it doesn’t offer reams of exercise videos, and lacks a few tools, the basic premise seems solid and the system offers access to some useful information. Dairy products are limited to two servings a day in this first stage, and as for meat, only lean cuts are allowed, as well as proteins like chicken, fish, eggs and nuts.
You can start slowly introducing carbohydrates to you diet following the low-GI guidelines; this mean wholegrains, rice and cereals.

Your focus should be on low-fat meats and proteins, a wide variety of vegetables, whole grains, good fats like olive oil and avocado, and fruit. I felt comfortable losing the weight and looked great when I was done, rather than like a survivor of starvation. I look great, I feel wonderful and the added bonus is that my arthritis has nearly disappeared!!! I thought they were great and in general they are but it was good to find out why starting your day with just fruit maybe not the best way to do it. And if you like what you read here then why not sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates on your interests?
In particular, you can keep food and exercise logs, allowing you to identify periods where you might have slipped up or weeks where you’ve done really well. Whilst we do appreciate this insight, we were a little disappointed that the profile was somewhat scaremongering and lacked specifics at times.
It goes without saying that you can forget about your old friend sugar- a definite South Beach no-no! You can then work out which particular life events or triggers you may have experienced which led to your success or struggles. The author of this web does not take responsibility of the application that the readership does of his content. Stage two is really open-ended and you can continue it, making sure your diet is as varied as possible, until you reach your target weight. I still had no interest in diets that I heard about and just hoped that somehow my extra pounds vanish.

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