Have you ever had the experience of starting a new diet, receiving some good results, but then after while the progression stops? You’ve may have  tried exercising more, eating less and tested new supplements to help re-ignite the fat burning flame. In this article my aim is to restore your weight loss confidence, and get you back into fat burning mode. I’ll explain what you need to do in order to continue shifting those pounds of body fat, whilst uncovering a few myths that you may have been subjected to in the past. After all, nobody explains to you how the body will get used to the same thing after long periods of time. Note: If you read one of my book titles, Easy Honest Weight Loss, this particular title  uncovers all the lies about weight loss, and how you can maximise your results with a sensible approach in less than 60-minutes.
The only way to by pass the limitations of a fat loss plateau is to shock the body with a new approach, or for some people: start doing the correct thing to begin with. In any case, you may have a mixture of both: Old weight loss advice, and a poor strategy of approach. They usually sound like this: eat unlimited amounts of vegetables, meats and legumes throughout the day and include the odd snack.

Whilst this kind of dieting is okay for those of us severely overweight, and have a lot of fat to shift. This all you can eat approach works as a fair psychological ploy to distract the fact that your on a diet, and cutting calories. The downside is: for anyone who wants to drop a dress size or a few pounds, this kind of dieting is not very effective. Mainly because you can easily consume just as many calories on health foods as you can with the previous junk foods. In fact: many people have been known to eat more than they would normally, because the diet is treated as an all you can eat health food buffet.
If you feel just the slightest hunger urge, you have the permission to shovel down mass amounts of protein and vegetables. The problem with this style of dieting is that even though it has shown immensely to help shift body fat. The problem lays in the fact that not everybody is dedicated to throw carbs out of their diet for life.
When you start reintroducing carbs back into the diet, your body is inefficient at burning them.

May I just add: men who wish to increase muscle mass and size, who are continually exposed to the low carb cult, have virtually no chance of seeing results. We’re always taught on how to lose fat, but nobody explains how to lose fat when your diet has stopped working. No Calorie Counting Diets I call this Freestyle Dieting. Basically, some weight loss brand, or company gives you a diet with a list of foods to eat freely of to help you lose weight. I read the Primal Blueprint, and gained a near 2 stone when I began restricting carbohydrates. And it’s mostly due to the increasing amounts of fat in their diets, resulting in too many calories.

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