The appetite suppressant Duromine seems to be the latest trend in weight loss with an increasing number of prescriptions being filled across SA. In humanity’s ceaseless quest to lose weight, the search for a secret weapon continues. If you can’t sleep properly on the first night in a new place, rest assured it’s not you, it’s your brain. Why Duromine is only available on a Doctors PrescriptionDuromine diet pills contain Phentermine as the main active ingredient.
The best alternative to Duromine and other Phentermine based diet pills has to be Phen375 - the strongest fat burner available without a doctors prescription.Phen375 produces the same weight loss effects as that which Phentermine diet products produced but without any of the negative side effects making Phen375 totally safe to use. Duromine side effects - duromine work?, Duromine proven effective natural appetite suppressant. It should be noted that there is a real concern as it relates to the side effects associated with these drugs. Over the course of history these have ranged from laxatives to soap to Lord Byron’s curious combination of copious amounts of vinegar with water alongside a cup of tea with a raw egg in it. Phentermine was banned from over the counter sales in most countries due to misuse and due to the serious negative side effects that caused strokes, heart problems and numerous other serious conditions.
There have been reports of people losing sleep, having severe abdominal pain and other adverse side effects.Over the past couple of years, there have been an increase in the reports of severe side effects related to the use of weight loss drugs such as Duromine, Dospan, Reductil, Tenuate and Xenical. What is Duromine?Duromine is a popular weight loss drug that is prescribed to patients who are morbidly obese.
Phentermine is classed as an amphetamine and has been often sold illegally on the streets as speed.
The most serious reaction that has been associated with the use of this product is the death of a healthy young woman who took the hunger suppressant, Reductil. Garcinia Cambogia is in the midst of a surge of popularity, and many manufacturers of sports supplements include all number of weight loss concoctions. However, in recent months Duromine has leapt to prominence as the weapon of choice for those seeking to shrink their waistline. This particular drug cannot be purchased over the counter and can only be accessed with a prescription from a doctor. This hormone combined with norepinephrine, when released to the brain, create what is known as the fight or flight response in both people and animals. As a result of that, there should be no other mixture with different types of weight loss products.People who suffer from mild hypertension should be careful when using Duromine. Marketed in South Africa and many other countries as Duromine, the active ingredient in question is phentermine.Phentermine is an anti-obesity drug that functions by targeting the part of the brain responsible for the sensation of hunger, as described by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.
There are many websites that sell this drug, without the need of a prescription.The main function of Duromine is to suppress the appetite, which in turn leads to weight loss. This response is best described as being the natural reactions that may occur in an extreme situation where you would be faced with the life threatening decision of whether to take flight away from the danger or to stand and fight the danger.Unfortunately many young people become hooked on on this sense of danger and are termed adrenaline junkies. However, many people are sure that Reductil was to be blamed.According to Abbot Pharmaceuticals, the company responsible for creating Reductil, they state that their drug is safe. The good thing about this tablet is that it is recognized by the FDA as a proper treatment for morbidly obese patients to suppress the appetite. They literally exist and live for the next high that they will get when facing a dangerous challenge. Obese patients should ensure that special steps are taken in regards to a slow and restricted weight loss.
The rush that you get from using Phentermine based diet pills like Duromine can become equally as psychologically addictive and so unless prescribed to you by a doctor don't touch them.  If I can't use Duromine then what can I use? They have a system in place that goes into tracking and looking at the side effects associated with the use of the drug.Duromine is another drug that has come under fire. It is worth noting, however, that the doses delivered through medicines like Duromine (typically 15 or 30mg) are far lower than is required for a drug-like high. The main reason for this is that there is the possibility that loss of blood pressure control may occur.Duromine should not be used for people who want to lose weight for cosmetic purposes.
When a 13 year old girl took the drug and experienced an adverse reaction, the public was put on alert as it related to these weight loss drugs.Xenical is another drug that is looked at for its severe reactions. Ritalin, commonly used as a treatment for ADHD, is another form of amphetamine in common circulation. When a patient goes in for their consultation the doctor will determine what dosage is right for the patient.Duromine contains gelatin, however it is free of preservatives and gluten. This drug is geared towards patients who are obese and do not respond to the normal methods of weight loss.Duromine has the ability to impair the mental alertness of the brain. There have been reports that people who take the drug often suffer from kidney stones, abdominal pain, extreme flatulence, heart palpitations and hair loss.Related posts: Does Duromine Cause Mood Swings?
Phentermine specifically focuses on a compound known as TAAR1, the production of which is essential for regulating many important chemicals in the brain.
Patients who are interested in the drug may try free samples if you make a request for it and also meet the requirements.Aside from other dietary supplements, Duromine is really intended for short term use.
This is why great caution should be taken by people who plan to drive or operate machinery. This response is the same you experience whenever you feel you are in danger, and puts the body in an altered state that is better able to react to the threat.
In capsule form, the phentermine is mixed with a resin which ensures it is released slowly over the course of an entire day.
There are many serious side effects that can occur when taking this drug and for that reason it should be avoided by casual dieters. The results are excellent where my weight reduced by 9kg in just 3 weeks to 71kg.I was having sleeping disorder earlier but it has worsen since consuming this medicine.
For people who are morbidly obese or have obesity-related illnesses, Duromine is just one of the many options available.

I sleep only 4 to 5 a day nowadays, this makes me being very aggressive and cant control my temper. Because it is developed for morbidly-obese people, Duromine should not be taken without a prescription.
My hair was falling out, was depressed, suisidal, speach problems, dry mouth, moody ect could these side affects b from post natel depression also??? Over the years regulatory boards have banned many different brands of diet pill due to the serious health risks they pose, though this has lead to a thriving online black market for them.The potential for problems is always present however, especially if one exceeds the dosage instructions and abuses the medication.
Taking a stronger dose than necessary or taking additional doses later in the day can increase the strength of the fight-or-flight response beyond what the body can safely tolerate for long periods. I have also noticed sists showing on my skin the size of large pimples they havent gone away or got worse since ive stopped.
Bec November 8, 2011 at 3:21 pmI have started taking duromine 30mg 2days ago, i have had the headaches and the dry mouth and a little bit off dizzyness,and the stomach cram[s. Your doctor will assess whether or not the drug is the solution to your weight problems and whether you are indeed overweight enough to need it.
Futhermore, Duromine is intended as a short-term solution and cannot be taken for over 3 months, as such it is recommended that in the time during which you are taking Duromine you also work to develop healthier eating habits and a more active lifestyle, otherwise you are highly likely to regain the weight as soon as you stop taking the medication.Readers ask about Duromine in our Expert ForumDozens of users have posted questions to our DietDoc regarding Duromine and it's efficacy and safety.
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MOST IMPORTANT awareness of duromine s that you need to drink at least 2 L of water a day when taking the supplement.
Prescribed Duromine and it is Not Working August 10th, 2013 Advertisement Popular Posts A Reader’s Personal Experience Taking Duromine March 28th, 2009 Duromine Review November 24th, 2009 How Effective is Duromine Really? I am aware of the side efects but i think that by regular exercse the benefits for me will outweigh the side effects. The doctor suggested that she try the duromine but I am a bit sceptical as I have been doing some research on it and the side effects aren’t good. Her being Autistic I don’t know how she would handle the side effects or even realize what the side effects were. I had been exercising for a long time, almost a year; but I found it daunting to keep off my weight even with a more balance diet.
Even the gym instructor was puzzled and did and in-body analysis for me and I realized upon that, that I had a rather high volume of muscle content at 64%. Here’s the funny part, though I was apparently muscular for a girl, I was found to be suffering from Low Metabolism Rate. However, I piled the weight back on over the next two years due to unhealthy eating habits and I grew to 73kg. I have lost 3.2kg within 8 days with a lot of exercise and with a significant change of my diet and calories consumed.
I have been having breathing difficulties, acid reflux, stomach cramps, stomach upset, and bad mood swings and anxiety.
I’m really dsheartened as all this side effects didnt occur during my first experience with Duromine. I don’t wish to stop as it has been working well for me but will there be high risks for me?
I had a high intensity workout earlier at the gym and had the side effects almost immediately after. Judging from your remarks and your limited range of vocab, I gather you’re not very bright, are you?Next time, before you insult the people here and ask us to kill ourselves. Just me September 2, 2011 at 7:09 pmIve been taking Duromine for 9 days now, and this is my experience on it.
I still get hungry, but I am able to stop eating a meal once the hungry feeling has gone, instead of eating until I am feeling full.
This will soon become a habit, so when I come off the tablets, my stomach will have shrunk and I wont need as much food which will aid in keeping the weight off.
I eat cereal and skim milk for breakfast, yoghurt for morning tea, salad for lunch, fruit for afternoon tea, and a lean dinner with no carbs.
Its more of a lasting energy, and Ive noticed that I can do my houswork (I have 4 children), do my study, exercise, and walk 4kms (return trip) to pick my older kids up from school, and by dinner time Im not as exhausted as I usually am and I am able to get a few extra things out of the way before bed (e.g. I havent had any trouble sleeping (maybe because I do a lot during the day?) and I am getting 7 hours of sleep every night. This extra energy I have now should help me increase my fitness, so when I stop taking it my fitness will be high, also helping me to not put the weight back on. I have become very thirsty, especially in the first few days where I was drinking 4L of water. One day I didnt drink enough, and got some of the side effects mentioned above, but as soon as I drank a lot of water the side effects went away.
If youre determined to use this as a life changing tool, and take the steps to form new, long lasting habits then it can be really useful.
Ive read so many forums and the people experiencing bad side effects havent drank enough water or eaten enough. I know duromine is only for short term effects and i will most probably put some weight back on after i finish.
But i am now in a routine where even though im not hungry at all, i have set small meals that i eat every day. I just make sure i only eat high-carbs in the morn (such as bread) and never any later in the day, i have fruit or general salad for lunch and steamed vegis with fish or stirfry some lean beef strips with a little sesame oil in a pan with vegis. The amount of food is restricted to a small plate or bowl, and probably would fit into cupping both of your hands. If i realllly want a sweet, once a week ill have a weight watchers icecream sundee cup, they taste amazing!So over this time that i have been eating like this, i have kinda gotten used to it.
Im only really a couple of Kgs over weight but want to feel extra special on my day and honeymoon.

The sever thirst lasted about 3 weeks maybe 4, had to ahve a water bottle on me everywhere.
It was wonderful to get eating habits back on track in the off season, I actually lost enough weight htat it didnt hurt to excercise and I actually got back to walking for fun.Since then unfortunately, I have put that weight back on and then some.
On the initial day after taking the tablet I felt slightly light headed and although I was a lil tipsy! From the first day it has suppressed my appetite dramatically and I am trying to remember to snack on dried fruits and other little things to keep metabolism up in fear post drug it will have slowed down. I am not tired during the day in fact have more energy and have no trouble sleeping at night.
I am on 30mg and just weighed myself out of curiosity (im not obsessed) on the 3rd morning and lost 1kg!!!
Exercising- I have only walked approx 30mins each day, I have not attended the gym as the occasional light headedness in fear of faintingas my blood pressure is generally on the lower end of scale.
Would you rather have a dry mouth and occassional lightheadeness for a short period of time ( providing these are the only ones like me you get from the drug, so fara€¦ ) or have to inject yourself everyday after developing diabetes?? Many other prescribed medications are also used by addicts so because of that are we going to take them off the market?
If you have an invasive surgery involving painful recovery would you like to be denied narcotics due to “junkie” misuse? Laura September 29, 2011 at 2:55 amHi Ive just started taking Duramine as suggested by my doctor. Today is my first day taking it and i found i had a slight dry mouth this morning and really felt like i was buzzing but was in a really good happy mood. Bec November 8, 2011 at 3:14 pmI have started taking duromine 30mg 2days ago, i have had the headaches and the dry mouth and a little bit off dizzyness,and the stomach cram[s. U obviously have no life and no readon to be on this forum n just go around putting ppl down in life cos you have nothing better to do!Suede- I have been experiencing the exact same. I used duromine 30mg about 3 years ago and dropped about 15kgs and the only side effects I had was the feeling of pinging off walls in the morning with lots of energy then going down hill in the arvos- like a come down n being really grumpy .
This time around I had the same side effects along but after I worked out and for the remainder of the day I experienced difficulties breathing, really painful stomach cramps, dizziness, heart palpitations, very dis orientated and just didn’t feel myself at all.
Am really thinking bout going bak to the doctors and going on the 15 mg as I read the side affects forum on here and apparently they are signs of possible overdose???
I had my blood pressure checked 4 days ago when I was prescribed these and it was perfect so would like to know what it is Now after being on these for 4 days. Sylvia November 14, 2011 at 11:00 amI have been doing all the weight loose ethics that has been mentioned in the world but i keep gaining more and more. I thought to stop trying to loose the weight as i have not succeded in the past 5 years but after reading all these comments,i cant wait for morning to see my GP.
I know Duromine is only a short term fix, but Im sure that with healthy eating habits and regular exercise I can acheive my goals. Treska January 3, 2012 at 8:49 amHey guys,I have been on Duromine for a little over a week now. The muscle pains have gone, the burning and tingling sensations in my feet have disappeared and the crippling chest pains have stopped completely.For some reason Duromine has made a huge difference to my condition. I have walked and played with my kids and fixed my garden, and even gone out dancing in the last week. Just wanted to share my happiness with you all, and let you know of this unexpected benefit I have received from this drug. Duromine may be an amphetamine and can be abused but under a doctors supervision, they can be an effective medication for those who are obese and have tried everything they can to loose weight with no sucess. My doctor has now prescribed me Duromine after monitoring my diet and exercise for the last 6 months. All i can say, is Take it under the supervision of your doctor, Stick to the correct dose and it might just be the change that will help you to live a more active, healthy and longer life. Alison January 19, 2012 at 11:22 pmDuromine delayed my period by a week, I did a pregnancy test just to make sure I wasn’t pregnant and it was POSITIVE!! There are different dosage amounts so check with your doctor that you are on the correct dose, don’t self medicate!
Taking more than prescribed probably wont increase your weightloss, it will probably just increase the side effects of heart palpitations and insomnia!
Ive been given 15 mg and looking forward to loosing the weight but I am very concerned about putting it back on once I stop??? Size 10 for god sakesBill go find a desert Island.Good luck to everyone normal trying to lose there goal weight ky June 26, 2012 at 11:16 pmMy bmi is 29, which is one off being obese, do you think my dr will prescribe these?
Armed with the valuable advice and points of discussion i found in this forum, i also started a profile with calorie king ( FANTASTIC TOOL!) and made an appointment to see a dietician. Having been on this drug for a long period of time, I am now having extremely bad withdrawal symptoms which have led to the depression. I agree YES it does help you lose weight quickly, after a while it stops working and your body goes into survivor mode.
I have been off the Duromine for 4 days and I am struggling really hard with the withdrawal symptoms.
I thought I should join in…its nice to know there are people struggling with weight like myself.

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