Even if you need to lose more than 25lbs, use this program as a jump start – it will skyrocket your MOTIVATION! The before picture is from April last year, but I didn’t do anything about my health until October, so it took me from October - December to lose the weight.
I stumbled onto this blog about a year ago, and it REALLY motivated me to get off my butt and start running and hitting the gym.
I ate healthy food, and tried to control my eating habits, and doing more and more work so my body wont stop moving from morning till night.
And it’s only in 13 days to lose my weight, now i feel better, even i still need to lose some weight to wear a bikini.

There is not a huge difference in weight, but there is definitely a difference in my body, and people keep commenting on my weight loss.
But I learned that the more I run, the better I get at resisting that voice in my head telling me to stop. Also, check out what other’s are saying and respond to them or send them a message if you can relate. During last fall, I gained 25 lbs due to a depo birth control (NOT good for weight loss!), a lack of exercise, and an excessive intake of bacon cheeseburgers that I hope was driven by the hormones.
I could go on and on about water, but the bottom line is that your body needs it, so DRINK IT!I’m lifting twice a week with a fitness class at college, which is great motivation.

No big deal, cause other days I go lift a bunch of heavy things and then go for a run afterwards and admire how good I look in the mirror.

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